Innovation Management

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Pervaiz Ahmed / Charlie Shepherd  
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July 2010
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Innovation Management
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In a world of increasingly sophisticated customer needs, innovation is becoming central to corporate growth and prosperity, and is being recognised as a source of vitality and competitive advantage. What do we mean by ‘innovation’, and what must companies do to leverage it in order to support their short-term objectives and long-term strategies?

This book attempts to answer these questions by progressively building up a common understanding of innovation and creativity, positioned strategically against business needs, and exploited through innovation frameworks and best-in-class practices. 

Throughout the book, a series of examples and case studies are introduced to aid understanding and provide insights across many industries and business scenarios. 



  • Clear 5-part structure to build understanding of practices and people required to plan and implement innovation in process and product development
  • Coverage of key people-focused topics such as Leadership, Culture and Knowledge Management
  • Full chapter on innovation in global context
  • Short and engaging examples of Innovation in Practice
  • Longer case study in each chapter to illustrate theory in context


Table of Contents

PART 1:  Understanding Innovation and Creativity

Chapter 1:  Innovation in context
Chapter 2:  Creativity and innovation

PART 2:  Strategic Focus – Setting a Direction

Chapter 3:  Strategy and innovation
Chapter 4:  Technology strategy

PART 3:  Structure for New Product Development – Frameworks

Chapter 5:  Innovation process management
Chapter 6:  Optimising innovation decision-making and portfolio management
Chapter 7:  Innovation performance measurement

PART 4:  Aligning People – Culture and Structure

Chapter 8:  People, leadership and structure for innovation
Chapter 9:  Culture and climate for innovation
Chapter 10:  Innovation in a global world

PART 5:  Execution Within a Structured Development Process

Chapter 11:  Market learning
Chapter 12:  Design and manufacture for innovation
Chapter 13:  Supply chain management and innovation
Chapter 14:  Knowledge management and learning for innovation



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In a world of increasingly sophisticated consumer expectations and demands, innovation is central to the success and growth of any organisation, and is recognised as a source of vitality and competitive advantage.


This exciting new textbook explores the wide-ranging impact of innovation - its role in developing products and processes, its influence on organisational culture, and how it contributes to a company's performance and strategies.


Enhance and enjoy your learning of this vibrant subject with:

·        Over 80 engaging Illustrations of innovation in practice.

·        22 Case Studies, such as cooperation between rivals Sony and Matsushita, measuring performance at Vodafone, and new product development in the beauty industry.

·        A focus on  key topics such as the impact of leadership, culture and knowledge management in innovation, all in a global context.

·        A clear and critical exploration of the planning and implementation of innovation in process and product development.





Innovation Management is written for students following business and management-related degree programmes, as well as those studying other technical and creative disciplines where innovation plays a significant role.




Professor Pervaiz K. Ahmed is Chair of Management at the School of Business, Monash University, Sunway campus, Malaysia, where he teaches and researches management of innovation.


Dr Charles D. Shepherd is Head of Enterprise Process Improvement & Six-Sigma at Raytheon Systems Limited.



Professor Pervaiz is Director of Postgraduate Studies at the School of Business, Monash University Malaysia, where he teaches and researches in the management of innovation.

Charlie Shepherd is Head of Enterprise Process Improvement & 6-Sigma at Raytheon Systems Limited

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