Consumer Behaviour

Michael R. Solomon / Margaret K. Hogg / Søren Askegaard / Gary Bamossy  
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June 2019
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Help your students adopt the contemporary European Consumer mindset with this industry-leading text.

Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, 7th Edition provides the most engaging introduction to the field.

With an array of useful new and updated features, it will support your students, offering them the tools necessary to excel in the course.


Hallmark Features of This Title

A series of pedagogical features seamlessly woven into the text.

  • Reader-friendly style aiming to retain the content's European character and contemporary approach.
  • 'Marketing Opportunity', 'Marketing Pitfalls', and 'Multicultural Dimensions' Boxes throughout the text illustrate the impact of Consumer Behaviour on marketing activities.
  • The Chapter Objectives at the beginning of each chapter set learning expectations for your students.

Links of consumer behaviour theory with real-life cases.

  • An array of examples from the European Consumer perspective retain the content relevance to European audiences.
  • 'Consumer Behaviour as I See It' Boxes feature marketing academics talking about the relevance of Consumer Behaviour issues in their everyday work.

New to this Edition

New and updated features of this title

New addition of Case Studies, examples, and content, highlight the developments in the contemporary European consumer landscape.

  • A comprehensive list of Case Studies presented at the beginning of the book, organise and outline the learning objectives for your students.
  • Numerous examples of specific applications of consumer behaviour, illustrated by leading practitioners in the field, discuss local, as well as pan-European and global aspects of Consumer Behaviour.
  • New examples and case studies, coming from the European consumer viewpoint, aim to retain the content's European character.
  • Additional advertisements comprise the extensive European material and help your students study the different theoretical characteristics of marketing applications.
  • Brand new Case studies about European companies and topics offer a better insight into the world of Consumer Behaviour.
  • New coverage of sustainable consumption and emerging technologies is integrated into the text.
  • Extensive analysis of the new world of digital consumers, social media, and online behaviour radically redefine the meaning of community and interaction between consumers.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents

List of case studies


About the authors

Authors' acknowledgements

Publisher's acknowledgements

Part A Consumers and the market-place

  • Chapter 1 Consumer behaviour and consumer society
  • Chapter 2 Shopping, buying and disposing
  • Chapter A Case studies

Part B How consumers see the world and themselves

  • Chapter 3 Perception and meaning
  • Chapter 4 The self
  • Chapter 5 Motivation, lifestyles and value
  • Part B Case Studies

Part C Consumers as decision-makers

  • Chapter 6 - Learning and memory
  • Chapter 7 - Attitudes
  • Chapter 8 - Decision making
  • Chapter C Case Studies

Part D European Consumers and their social groups

  • Chapter 9 - Groups and social media
  • Chapter 10 - European families
  • Chapter 11 - Income and social class
  • Chapter D Case Studies

Part E Culture and European Consumers

  • Chapter 12 - Culture and consumer behaviour
  • Chapter 13 - Cultural change processes
  • Chapter E Case Studies



Back Cover

Now in its seventh edition, Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective provides the
most comprehensive, lively and engaging introduction to the behaviour of consumers in
Europe and around the world.


The new slimline edition has 13 chapters, maintaining its breadth of coverage and making it
ideal for second- and third-year undergraduates as well as Master's students.

The book links consumer behaviour theory with the real-life problems faced by practitioners
in many ways:

  •  Marketing opportunity, Marketing pitfalls and Multicultural dimensions boxes
    throughout the text illustrate the impact consumer behaviour has on marketing
  • Consumer behaviour as I see it boxes feature marketing academics talking about the
    relevance of consumer behaviour issues to their everyday work.
  • Brand new Case studies about European companies and topics give deep insights into
    the world of consumer behaviour.
  • New coverage of sustainable consumption, emerging technologies, social media and
    online behaviour is woven throughout this edition.
  • Online materials including multiple-choice questions and links to useful websites are
    available on the book's website at



Michael R. Solomon, Ph.D., is a Professor of Marketing in the Haub School of Business at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia.

Søren Askegaard, Ph.D., is a Professor of Consumption Studies at the University of Southern Denmark.

Margaret K. Hogghold, Ph.D., is the Chair of Consumer Behaviour and Marketing in the Department of Marketing at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS)

Gary J. Bamossy, Ph.D., is a Clinical Professor of Marketing at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, in Washington DC.