Essentials of Marketing Research

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Naresh K Malhotra / David F. Birks / Peter A. Wills  
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April 2013
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Essentials of Marketing Research
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Essentials of Marketing Research offers a balance of contemporary theory, European case material and software to help students to understand and apply the principles of designing and conducting high quality quantitative and qualitative marketing research and to give them the study skills to confidently design all stages of the marketing research process.


  • Each chapter starts with a statement of objectives
  • Mini-case studies throughout to link theory with practice
  • Each chapter ends with a set of review questions to test understanding of key concepts
  • Combines the brand recognition of Malhotra and Birks with the expertise and recognition of Hemsley-Brown – who has a vast experience of teaching marketing research at all levels
  • Real-life International Marketing Research examples throughout, supplemented by a variety of case types
  • End of chapter treatment of ‘Ethics in Marketing Research’ and ‘Internet and New Technology Applications’
  • End of chapter exercises to test out personal and team development

Table of Contents

    Introduction to marketing research
1. Defining marketing research problems.
2. The nature and development of a research design.
3. Using secondary data from internal and external sources 
4. Qualitative research – its nature and approaches
5. Qualitative techniques
6. Qualitative data analysis
7. Survey and quantitative observation techniques
8. Measurements and scaling: fundamentals and techniques
9. Questionnaire design
10. Sampling: fundamentals and techniques
11. Fieldwork and data preparation
12. Frequency distributions, cross tabulation and hypothesis testing
13. Report preparation and presentation
14. International marketing research

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Essentials of Marketing Research by Naresh K. Malhotra, David F. Birks and Peter A. Wills

Essentials of Marketing Research presents a clear understanding of the nature, scope and process of marketing research at an introductory level. It equips students with the skills to become confident and highly valuable marketing researchers.


Malhotra, Birks and Wills distil the most important parts of their hugely successful Marketing Research text into this concise but comprehensive new work. Their overview of the relevant scholarship and carefully selected, up-to-date European and international case studies will enable students to apply the principles of marketing research to their own research projects.

A practically orientated text, this book covers the importance of creative thinking, the ethical dilemmas faced by researchers and the impact technology is having on improving research standards. End of chapter exercises, numerous examples and regular tips on how to get the best out of marketing research software help students to conduct qualitative research, design questionnaires, administer surveys, check the integrity of data, and analyse and present findings in a constantly engaging manner.


Used in conjunction with a well-maintained and contemporary website at, the book enables students to significantly improve the quality of their marketing research thinking and practice.


This book is perfect for one-semester courses in Marketing Research.



About the authors


Dr Naresh K. Malhotra is Professor Emeritus, College of Management, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He has consulted for business, nonprofit and government organisations across the globe. In 2011 he received the Best Professor in Marketing Management, Asia Best B-School Award.


Dr David F. Birks is a Professor of Marketing at Winchester Business School, the University of Winchester, England. He teaches quantitative and qualitative marketing research and leads developments across the University in digital marketing research.


Peter A. Wills is the Chairman of Snap Surveys who are based in the UK and the USA. He is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Winchester and the Chair of the Association for Survey Computing, the world’s leading society for the advancement of knowledge in software and technology for research surveys and statistics.

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