Principles of Marketing

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Frances Brassington / Stephen Pettitt  
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July 2006
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Principles of Marketing
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Brassington and Pettitt’s Principles of Marketing has proven to be hugely popular with first-time marketing students – leading them painlessly through their course from basic principles such as ‘what product should I market?’ to more specialised topics such as ‘Relationship Marketing’.

This comprehensive 4th edition combines the freshness that people love with new and updated cases and now it is set apart from other Principles texts with an unrivalled media package that is fully integrated with the book.

The book is essential for undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience students undertaking introductory marketing courses or modules. Its depth also makes it useful as support reading on specialist courses and modules, such as integrated marketing communications.


  • A wide selection of vignettes and examples are included in each chapter to illustrate the concepts presented. These are drawn from a range of industries, organisations and countries.
  • Each chapter has two short case studies, again drawn from a range of industries, organisations and countries to make the theory even more relevant to the students.
  • End of chapter questions give students the opportunity to revise the material presented and to check their understanding of it. Discussion questions, encourage students to debate and research issues.
  • Written from a European perspective and with a largely European orientation in the examples, vignettes and cases keeps students engaged.
  • Focus on corporate social responsibility throughout the text and specifically through a ‘CSR in action’ vignette in each chapter

New to this Edition

·         NEW part openers with video case study vignettes. Students will learn in a more interactive way by first reading the introduction to the case and then going online to watch short video clips.

·         ‘E-Marketing in Action’ boxes have been completely re-written to keep up to date with current thinking.

·         There are 19 NEW cases and all 22 other cases have been updated to bring even more relevance to students’ learning.

·         A completely revised OneKey interactive online resource package, which will now be fully mapped to this new edition.

Table of Contents

Part I- Marketing And Its Environment

1. Marketing dynamics

2. The European marketing environment

Part II- Customers and Markets

3. Consumer behaviour

4. B2B buying behaviour

5. Segmenting markets

6. Marketing information and research

Part III- Product

7. Anatomy of a product

8. Product management

9. New product development

Part IV-Price

10. Pricing, context and concepts

11. Pricing strategies

Part V- Place

12. Marketing channels and logistics

13. Retailers and wholesalers

Part VI- Promotion

14. Integrated marketing communication

15. Advertising

16. Sales promotion

17. Personal selling and sales management

18. Direct marketing and exhibitions

19. Public relations and sponsorship

Part VII-Marketing Management

20. Strategic Marketing

21. Marketing planning, management and control

22. Services and non-profit marketing

23. International marketing

24. E-marketing and new media

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Fourth Edition

Frances Brassington and Stephen Pettitt



Principles of Marketing is the indispensable introduction to marketing. It explains all the fundamental concepts and theories of marketing and demonstrates their application through a wealth of examples, case studies and vignettes. Extensively revised and updated, this fourth edition continues to provide a fresh and topical introduction from a truly European perspective.


Principles of Marketing now offers an unrivalled media package including an online interactive study guide, a video lounge, integrated video case studies and much more!  With this new edition, there is also the option to download study notes onto your MP3 player, with VangoNotes.


In addition, Principles of Marketing retains all of the classic features, fully revised and updated,  that make it a favourite with students and lecturers alike:


  • Clearly-written and structured style, including chapter objectives and summaries to guide you easily through each chapter.
  • Vignettes, examples and end-of-chapter case studies drawn from a wide range of industries, organisations and countries, giving you plenty of exposure to marketing in the real world.
  • Completely revised ‘E-marketing in Action’ vignettes, highlighting how important technology and the Internet are in marketing.
  • ‘Marketing in Action’ and ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Action’ vignettes – revised and updated - helping you understand the key issues and decisions to make in marketing.
  • End-of-chapter questions help you understand the key concepts and aid revision.
  • Discussion questions to stimulate debate and encourage further study.


Comprehensive, detailed and accessible, this book is essential for undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience students on introductory marketing courses or modules.


Dr Frances Brassington is Senior Lecturer in Retail Management and Marketing at Oxford Brookes University.

Dr Stephen Pettitt is Deputy Vice-chancellor of the University of Luton.



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