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Frances Brassington / Stephen Pettitt  
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September 2012
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Essentials of Marketing
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Help your students grasp the principles of marketing with this concise text. Essentials of Marketing, 3rd edition, combines theory and practice to equip your students with the information they need to gain a practical understanding of modern marketing. Written in a concise, lively style, the text is ideal for short introductory courses in marketing.


Hallmark features of this title

A text designed to engage your students with the subject.

  • A lively style prevents students from losing focus.
  • A great design presents the information to students in a clear and appealing manner.
  • A concise, no-nonsense approach makes the content more accessible and helps students cover the material more quickly.

Learning features throughout help to consolidate your students' comprehension of covered topics.

  • End-of-chapter questions reinforce understanding and help your students retain the information.
  • Thought-provoking and sometimes provocative real-world case studies designed for discussion are drawn from a range of well-known small, medium and large-sized companies.

New to this Edition

New and updated features to this edition

Reinforced emphasis on corporate social responsibility and marketing ethics.

New sections include:

  • The ethical environment (chapter 2)
  • Ethics in marketing research (chapter 5)

Updated content includes the latest innovations in the field to keep this text fresh and current.

This edition now covers topics such as:

  • Social media and its role in marketing.
  • Useful new tools like m-marketing, s-marketing, and f-marketing.

Additional content and features not included in the previous edition:

  • New and exciting examples from a range of industries, organisations and countries.
  • New Topics essential to modern marketing such as not-for-profit and e-marketing.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Marketing Dynamics
  • Chapter 2: The European marketing environment
  • Chapter 3: Buyer behaviour
  • Chapter 4: Segmenting markets
  • Chapter 5: Marketing information and research
  • Chapter 6: Product
  • Chapter 7: Price
  • Chapter 8: Place
  • Chapter 9: Promotion: integrated marketing communication
  • Chapter 10: Promotion: Advertising and sales promotion
  • Chapter 11: Promotion: direct and digital marketing
  • Chapter 12: Promotion: personal selling, PR and sponsorship
  • Chapter 13: Marketing strategy and planning
  • Chapter 14: Services and non-profit marketing

Back Cover

The eagerly awaited third edition of Brassington and Pettitt’s innovative and creative Essentials of Marketing is a concise, no-nonsense book, designed to contain all the essential information that students need to understand when taking a short introductory course.

Like Principles of Marketing, our essentials text brings together theory and practice. It covers a wide range of applications, industries and markets, exploring the way marketers must respond to those situations that demand an innovative response.

Distinctive features

Written in a lively style with great design, Essentials of Marketing features the following:

·    New and exciting examples from a range of industries, organisations and countries.

·    New topics essential to modern marketing such as non-profit marketing and e-marketing give a well-rounded and integrated understanding of the subject.

·    End-of-chapter questions reinforce understanding.

·    Thought-provoking and sometimes provocative real-world case studies designed for discussion are drawn from a range of well-known small, medium and large-sized companies.

Dr Frances Brassington, Principal Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University.

Dr Stephen Pettitt, former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Bedfordshire, and marketing consultant.

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Dr Frances Brassington is Principal Lecturer in Marketing at Oxford Brookes University Faculty of Business. She has taught marketing at all levels and on a wide range of undergraduate marketing modules and programmes and has supervised a number of PhD students. Her own research interests include retail marketing, international marketing, and the use of project-based learning in marketing education.

Dr Stephen Pettitt, was previously Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean of Luton Business School. He is currently undertaking consultancy projects in marketing and higher education. He has published over 30 papers and articles along with major studies in tourism innovation strategies, large buyer-small firm seller relationships and small firm development.

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