Marketing Plan Handbook: Pearson New International Edition

Marian Burk Wood  
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August 2013
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Marketing Plan Handbook: Pearson New International Edition
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For marketing courses that focus on creating a marketing plan.

A step-by-step guide to creating a customized marketing plan.

The Marketing Plan Handbook
is the only planning handbook to guide readers, step-by-step, through the complete development of a realistic, customized marketing plan.


Your Marketing Plan, Step By Step appears at the end of every chapter. By answering the questions and following up on the suggested data sources, students will have a head start in gathering information and analyzing alternatives for their plans. Students will also find fresh perspectives on the practical application of key marketing concepts. No matter what kind of marketing plan they are creating, these features help generate ideas and think about critical issues.


Real-World View of Marketing Planning: This edition contains dozens of new examples that illustrate how marketing planning is actually conducted in consumer and business markets, large and small companies, traditional and online businesses, U.S. and international firms, and not-for-profit organizations.


NEW! Sample Marketing Plan: PretzL Elegance. Based on a fictional startup company, this case study gives students an idea of how a typical marketing plan is organized and presented. The plan covers how a company might analyze market needs and trends, examine environmental factors, look at the competitive situation, and set objectives to be achieved. It also touches on segmentation, targeting, and positioning; the variety of marketing strategies and programs needed to launch a new product; and some of the metrics used in evaluating marketing performance.


Model of the Marketing Plan Process: A new conceptual model, introduced in Chapter 1, guides students through the process of creating a marketing plan, which is repeated in all ten chapters, and serves as a “you are here” map for the book’s topics. Use this model to visualize the connections between the steps and to focus on the three key outcomes of any marketing plan: to provide value, build relationships, and make a difference to stakeholders.


Checklists ensure that students’ marketing plans cover all the basics. In every chapter, Checklists summarize key areas that need to be examined. As students answer the questions, they get good ideas for creating a realistic marketing plan, gain insights into the complexities of the planning process, and identify specific details for follow-up later in the process. Topics include:

  • Understanding the big picture for marketing planning
  • Analyzing the current marketing situation
  • Analyzing markets and customers
  • Identifying and evaluating market segments
  • Setting marketing plan objectives
  • Analyzing and planning product strategy
  • Planning pricing strategy
  • Channel and logistics issues
  • Planning marketing communications
  • Planning a marketing audit


Practical Planning Tips in the margin help students make the transition from theory to application. These emphasize various practical aspects of planning and mention specific issues or questions to consider at each step in the process.


Powerful PowerPoint Presentation includes expanded content and eye-catching graphics make this a high-impact presentation package for instructors.


Exclusive Online Features

  • A complete glossary
  • An outline showing the main sections of a marketing plan
  • A second sample marketing plan
  • Links to selected online marketing resources
  • Discussion questions for each chapter
  • Faculty materials, including the updated PowerPoint presentation
  • Available at


New to this Edition

New Sample Marketing Plan. The new sample marketing plan for PretzL Elegance, a fictional startup, serves as a model for summarizing the current marketing situation, planning for marketing-mix activities, and preparing to measure results.

New Examples of Marketing Plans in Action
. Reflecting real-world decisions and challenges, this edition includes dozens of new examples of consumer and B2B marketing, goods and services marketing, traditional and digital marketing, U.S. and global marketing, not-for-profit marketing, and marketing by governmental agencies.

New Coverage of Contemporary Concepts, Trends, and Technologies
. Coverage of cocreation, group buying, mass customization, mobile marketing, multichannel marketing, neuromarketing, showrooming, social gifting, social media, and other important new marketing developments.

New QR Codes to Showcase Online Marketing
. Every chapter includes at least five QR codes, scannable by smartphone app, leading to the home pages of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies. By following the QR codes or entering the URLs provided in the text, you will see how marketers present themselves online and take a peek at a few key sites that marketers should know.

Newly Revised Checklists
. Every chapter contains a newly revised checklist to focus attention on the most critical aspects of marketing planning, from the situation analysis to the marketing audit. Answer the checklist questions to step through the details of preparing a marketing plan.

New PowerPoint Presentation
. For classroom use, the presentation has been thoroughly updated to detail all the steps in the marketing process, with special emphasis on the latest marketing concepts and techniques.

Table of Contents


 1. Marketing Planning: New Pace, New Possibilities 

 2. Analyzing the Current Situation 

 3. Understanding Markets and Customers 

 4. Segmenting, Targeting, and Positioning 

 5. Planning Direction, Objectives, and Marketing Support 

 6. Developing Product and Brand Strategy 

 7. Developing Channel and Logistics Strategy 

 8. Developing Pricing Strategy 

 9. Developing Marketing Communications and Influence Strategy 

 10. Planning Metrics and Implementation Control