Sales Management

Jeff Tanner / Earl D. Honeycutt / Robert C. Erffmeyer  
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July 2013
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Sales Management
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For courses in sales management.

Sales Management, 1/e is the only book on the market that prepares students to become effective sales managers in today’s hyper-competitive, global economy—by integrating current technology, research, and strategic thinking activities.


For courses in sales management.

Sales Management, 1e is the only book on the market that prepares students to become effective sales managers in today’s hyper-competitive, global economy—by integrating current technology, research, and strategic thinking activities.

CRM Chapter—CRM technology is integral to success in sales and sales management, today more than ever. An entire chapter is devoted to using CRM technology to manage sales organizations, offering students the background they will need to one day use CRM technology to make good decisions.

Aplicor access and exercises--Aplicor is a third party CRM tool that is widely used in industry.  Adopters will receive access to this tool, along with accompanying exercises in the book that will help integrate its use into the course. Topics include forecasting sales, establishing territories, tracking the activities of salespeople, and evaluating performance. Students gain hands-on CRM training—a valuable experience for the future and something they can put on their resumes.


Chapter Opening Vignettes--Each chapter opens with a profile of an actual sales manager that explains their day-to-day challenges, and relates their experiences to the chapter material. Students get a sense of the daily responsibilities of a sales manager, which helps them relate the materials they are learning to what they may eventually do in the business world.

Unique and new cases and caselets--Twelve full-length cases have been written by the authors specifically for the book. In addition, each chapter contains two caselets that may be used as classroom discussion, homework assignments, or as prep for the larger cases. These cases are totally integrated with the book, offering more fluidity for both students and instructors, and they are more focused on the practice of sales management today than some of the classic cases. 

Self-Assessment Library-
-Each chapter contains one or two self-assessment activities that students complete to learn more about their ideas and attitudes. This activity offers students the opportunity to become better managers through greater self-awareness. The concepts covered are also good discussion-starters on how to manage different kinds of people.

Role-plays—Role-plays are key sales training activities that offer students the opportunity to understand how they may react in different situations. Role-plays appear at the end of each chapter.

Table of Contents

Part One — Strategic Planning

Chapter 1: Introduction to Sales Management

Chapter 2: The Sales Function and Multi-Sales Channels


Part Two — Sales Leadership

Chapter 3: Leadership and the Sales Executive

Chapter 4: Ethics, the Law, and Sales Leadership


Part Three —Analyzing Customers and Markets

Chapter 5: Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales and Customer Relationship Management

Chapter 6: Leveraging Information Technologies


Part Four — Designing and Developing the Sales Force

Chapter 7: Designing and Organizing the Sales Force

Chapter 8: Recruiting and Selecting the Right Salespeople

Chapter 9: Training and Developing the Sales Force



Part Five — Process Management

Chapter 10: Supervising, Managing, and Leading Salespeople Individually and in Teams

Chapter 11: Setting Goals and Managing the Sales Force’s Performance

Chapter 12: Motivating and Rewarding Salespeople


Part Six — Measurement, Analysis, and Knowledge Management


Chapter 13: Turning Customer Information into Knowledge

Chapter 14: Assessing the Performance of the Sales Force and the People Who Comprise It

Chapter 15: Internal and External Cultural Forces That Affect a Firm’s Sales Performance


Part Seven - Cases---there are 12 cases total. The exact order of cases and exact titles is still being determined---sample title: 


Case 1 Wellco Distributors: Considering a Diversity Program