Prentice Hall Nursing Reviews & Rationals:Maternal-Newborn Nursing

Prentice Hall
Mary Ann Hogan / Rita Glazebrook / Vera Brancato / Jean Rodgers
November 2006


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Pearson Reviews & Rationales
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For course review on a specific topic, e.g., maternity nursing, review for NCLEX-RN, and review for specialty training.


This resource provides a core content review of the subject in outline format. Each chapter opens with a brief outline, objectives, key terms with definitions, media box with summary of the CD, as well as a pre-test. The pre-test and post-test guide the student through a self-paced review. Other features unique to this resource help further enhance the review process.


  • Chapter Outline
    • Gives students a brief overview of chapter content.

  • Chapter Objectives

    • Provides students with outcomes that they should achieve upon completing the chapter.
  • Key Terms and Definitions-Terms are also bolded and defined in the chapter.
    • Gives students a quick list to review before starting chapter.

  • Media Link box.
    • Gives students a brief overview of what that chapter will contain on the accompanying CD.

  • Chapter Pre-Test-Consists of 10 NCLEX-style questions that reflect the chapter objectives. Answers and rationales appear at the end of the chapter and a page reference to the answer key is provided.
    • Focuses students' review and allows them to assess whether or not they need to review the chapter or proceed to the next one.

  • Content Outline-Focused and comprehensive review of all topics. The steps of the nursing process are imbedded when appropriate.
  • NCLEX Alerts.
    • An icon alerts students to critical information in the chapter that represents typical concepts or topics on the NCLEX-RN Test Plan.

  • “Practice to Pass” questions-Each case scenario contains at least 5 questions and suggested clues to answers in an appendix with page reference.
    • Provides open-ended questions designed to stimulate students' critical thinking skills using short answer/essay format.

  • Post-Test-10 NCLEX-style questions followed by answer key and rationales.
    • Helps students assess how well they mastered the chapter content.

  • Rationales-The Pre-Test and Post-Test Answer section contains comprehensive rationales for both correct and incorrect choices. Each rationale identifies the step of the nursing process, and how the question relates to the NCLEX-RN Test Plan-client need.
    • Helps students understand why answers are correct or incorrect.

  • Case Studies-Suggested answers are in a separate appendix with page reference.
    • Provides students with brief case studies and 5 critical thinking questions.

  • Nursing Notes Cards-Unique tear-out cards.
    • Gives students portable content for review and clinical reference.



  • NCLEX Review-Each chapter contains 30 NCLEX questions, including 20 from the book plus 10 new ones. Answers include rationales.
    • Some questions contain art which gives students an idea of what the new NCLEX-RN will be like.

  • Chapter Objectives, Audio Glossary, and Chapter Outline.


  • Chapter Outline.
    • Gives students a brief overview of chapter content.

  • Chapter Objectives.

    • Provides students with objectives that they should achieve upon completing the chapter online.

  • Key Terms-Includes an audio glossary.
  • “Practice to Pass” questions-Each scenario contains at least five questions.
    • Provides open-ended questions designed to stimulate students' critical thinking skills using short answer/essay format. Students can email their responses to faculty.

  • Case Studies.
    • Provides students with brief case studies with five critical thinking questions. Students can email responses to faculty.

  • NCLEX Review-50 total NCLEX questions per chapter including 20 from the book, 10 from the CD and 20 new ones. Students can email quiz results to faculty.
  • In-Depth with NCLEX-Pertains to the web link icon in the book.
    • A concept is further expanded in detail on the CW with colorful art.

  • NCLEX Links.
    • Links students to other resources relating to the NCLEX.

  • Syllabus Manager.
    • Enables faculty to establish an NCLEX review course supplement online.

New to this Edition

Test-Taking Strategies

NEW test-taking strategies have been added to the rationales for every question in the series. These strategies will enable students to select the correct answer by breaking down the question.



Study on the go with VangoNotes!

Students have the option of downloading chapter reviews from the text and listening to them on any mp3 player.  

Students can study by listening to the following for each chapter of the textbook:

Big Ideas:  Your “need to know” for each chapter

Practice Test:  A gut check for the Big Ideas-tells you if you need to keep studying

Key Terms:  Audio “flashcards” to help you review key concepts and terms

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Maternity Nursing.

 2. Reproduction, Fertility and Infertility.

 3. Family Planning and Contraception.

 4. Fetal Development.

 5. The Normal Prenatal Experience.

 6. Common Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests.

 7. The Complicated Prenatal Experience.

 8. The Normal Labor and Delivery Experience.

 9. The Complicated Labor and Delivery Experience.

10. The Normal Postpartum Experience.

11. The Complicated Postpartum Experience.

12. The Normal Newborn Experience.

13. The Complicated Newborn Experience.

14. Issues of Loss/Grief and Maternity Nursing.

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Prentice Hall's Nursing Reviews & Rationales Series is the complete foundation for success both within the classroom and oil the NCLEX-RN. Each volume includes a review of core content, while providing hundreds of practice questions and comprehensive rationales. The only review series to include a bonus CD-ROM with each book. The complete series includes:

  • Nursing Fundamentals
  • Child Health Nursing
  • Fluid, Electrolytes, & Acid-Base Balance
  • Maternal-Newborn Nursing
  • Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • Mental Health Nursing
  • Nutrition & Diet Therapy
  • Pathophysiology
  • Pharmacology


Mary Ann Hogan, RN, CS, MSN has been a nurse educator for 20 years, currently as a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She has taught in diploma, associate degree, and baccalaureate nursing programs. A former item writer for the CAT NCLEX-RN, Ms. Hogan has been teaching NCLEX-RN review courses throughout New England for the last 14 years. She has also contributed to a number of publications in the areas of adult health and fundamentals of nursing. Ms. Hogan is an ANCC-certified clinical specialist in medical-surgical nursing and is a member of Sigma Theta Tau.


Rita S. Glazebrook, RN, CNP, PhD, MS, BSN is the Director of the Minnesota Intercollegiate Nursing Consortium, a cooperative baccalaureate program of St. Olaf and Gustavus Adolphus Colleges, and the Department Chair at St. Olaf College. Having taught maternity nursing for more than 20 years, Dr. Glazebrook served as a maternity item writer for Regents College and National Certification Corporation examinations, as well as several NCLEX publications. She is an ANCC-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner practicing reproductive health at CommonHealth Clinic, in Stillwater, Minnesota. She is also NCC-certified in Maternity Nursing.