New Perspectives in Healthcare Ethics

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Rosemarie Tong  
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February 2006
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New Perspectives in Healthcare Ethics
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For one-quarter/semester courses in Medical Ethics, Biomedical Ethics, Allied Healthcare, Healthcare Ethics, and Healthcare Law and Ethics.


Tong, a well-known biomedical ethicist, combines medical ethics, bioethics, and her own unique insights to provide a comprehensive survey of contemporary health care ethics issues.




Are you looking for a comprehensive and varied survey of health care ethics issues?


  • Exceptional clarity-Rosemarie Tong presents the issues of health care ethics in exceptionally clear prose.  With sufficient detail to interest health care professionals, the text is approachable enough for the average reader to understand and enjoy as well.
  • A balanced approach-The text includes balanced coverage of ethics, law, and public policy, resulting in a broad and effective overview of relevant health care ethics issues.
  • A wide variety of positions and perspectives-Tong provides highly effective coverage of ethical theories and principles of health care ethics, thanks to the inclusion of a wide variety of traditional and nontraditional perspectives.
  • Extensive coverage of high-profile issues-The text strikes an excellent balance between beginning of life issues and end of life issues and it does so in a way that will resonate with groups that focus on women's and minorities' issues.

Does your course require the most current data on contemporary issues?

  • Fair and balanced assessment of health care reform proposals-The text features up-to-date discussions of prescription drugs and the dilemma of employers' growing inability to provide employees with health care coverage
  • Cutting-edge coverage of genetics and cloning-Comprehensive chapters on the fast-changing issues of genetics and cloning are particularly up-to-date. 

Are you looking for a coverage of specific subjects overlooked by typical medical ethics and bioethics texts?

  • An extensive chapter on aging and long-term care-This text features detailed discussions of the important issues of aging and long-term, which are often neglected in other texts.
  • Coverage of Medicare and Medicaid-Unique among contemporary health care ethics authors, Tong offers thorough and detailed content on the complex topics of Medicare and Medicaid.

Do you teach a course that prepares students to work in the field of Allied Health and Human Services?

  • Topics of relevance to allied health professionals-Among these issues and topics are complementary and alternative medicine; contraception and sterilization; infertility and assisted reproduction; and surrogate motherhood; genetic testing (screening and counseling); genetic therapy; biomedical and behavioral research; and euthanasia and assisted suicide. 
  • The book concludes with an examination of the current state of health care reform. 

Are you interested in exploring other areas in ethics? 


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Table of Contents

Part One:                    A Conceptual Framework for Health Care Ethics


1.  Chapter One:           Introduction


2.  Chapter Two:          Ethical Theories and Principles in Health Care


3.  Chapter Three:        The Health Care Professional-Patient Relationship


Part Two:                    Health and Disease Issues


4.  Chapter Four:          Biological Givens or Social Constructions?


5.  Chapter Five:           Biomedical and Behavioral Research


Part Three:                 Beginning of Life Issues


6.  Chapter Six:            Abortion


7.  Chapter Seven:        Reproduction-Assisting Technologies: Donor Insemination, In-vitro Fertilization, and Beyond


8.  Chapter Eight:          Genetic Screening, Counseling, and Therapy


9.  Chapter Nine:          Therapeutic Cloning, Reproductive Cloning, and Ectogenesis


Part Four:                   End of Life Issues


10.  Chapter Ten:         The Aging Process and Long-Term Health Care


11.  Chapter Eleven:     Euthanasia, Assisted Suicide, and Palliative Care


Part Five:                    Micro- and Macro-Allocation Issues


12.  Chapter Twelve:    Organ Transplantation: Individual Allocation Decisions


13.  Chapter Thirteen:   Health Care Reform: Social Distribution Decisions


Rosemarie Tong is distinguished Professor of Health Care Ethics at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  She is the author or co-author of Women, Sex, and the Law; Ethics in Policy Analysis; Feminist Thought: A Comprehensive Introduction; Feminine and Feminist Ethics; Controlling Our Reproductive Destiny: A Technological and Philosophical Perspective (with Lawrence Kaplan); Feminist Approaches to Bioethics;and Feminist Thought: A More Comprehensive Introduction.  Her edited books include Feminist Philosophy: Essential Readings in Theory, Reinterpretation, and Application (with Nancy Tuana), Globalizing Feminist Bioethics (with Aida Santos and Gwen Anderson), and soon to be published Feminist Bioethics, Human Rights and the Developing World: Integrating Global and Local Perspectives (with Anne Donchin and Susan Dodds).