Viewpoint:An Introduction to Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Prentice Hall
Nona Starr
August 2002
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For introductory courses in Travel and Tourism.

This comprehensive exploration of the fields of transportation, travel, tourism, and hospitality-as a whole industry-features exceptionally accurate and up-to-date information on the products, procedures, technology, and careers in each field-based on the author's extensive experience as a member of the training department in the world's largest travel organization.


  • NEW - Effects of Sept. 11.
    • Reflects the changes and challenges facing the industry as a result of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

  • NEW - Internet Problems-In each chapter.
    • Gives students practice with real industry resources.

  • A focus on the travel, tourism, and hospitality business -Both the products and their distribution channels.
    • Introduces students to the multifaceted nature of the industry-and the depth of job opportunities available.

  • Real-life examples-Of products, services, and organizations.
    • Makes topics come to life.

  • Industry Milestones.
    • Familiarizes students with the world, technological, political, and marketing events that have changed the industry.

  • Internet references-Provides annotated lists of industry websites.
    • Encourages students to explore the Internet and the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries online.

  • Realistic mini-case scenarios.
    • Helps students develop problem-solving skills.

  • Chapter-end Worksheets.
    • Allows students to test their comprehension of chapter content.

  • Figures, maps, tables, and photographs-Many in color.
    • Provides visual reinforcement and enables students to identify key characteristics.

  • Objectives; Key Terms; Looking Back Summaries -In each chapter.
    • Guides students through chapter content and highlights the most important concepts and terms to help with study and review.

  • Questions for Discussion and Review Questions.
    • Encourages critical thinking that helps students evaluate and apply their understanding of the material.

  • Quick-reference appendices-Includes a list of industry associations and organizations with addresses and a list of industry acronyms.
    • Provides students with a single source of invaluable information.

  • Glossary.
    • Familiarizes students with the vocabulary they'll need to communicate professionally on the job.

  • Bibliography-A list of writings, both fiction and fact, on travel, tourism, and hospitality.
    • Provides students with a springboard to further exploration of various aspects of the industry.

New to this Edition

  • Effects of Sept. 11.
    • Reflects the changes and challenges facing the industry as a result of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

  • Internet Problems-In each chapter.
    • Gives students practice with real industry resources.

Table of Contents


 1. Places and People-Destination Geography.

 2. The North American Aviation System.

 3. Airports-Gateways to the World.

 4. The International Experience.

 5. Travel by Rail.

 6. Travel by Road.

 7. Cruising.

 8. Travelers at Rest-The Hospitality Industry.

 9. Touring the World.

10. Meetings and Incentives.

11. Marketing, Sales, and Services.

12. Careers.





Back Cover

Viewpoint: An Introduction to Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality introduces the reader to one of the world's largest and most rapidly changing industries encompassing travel, transportation, international and domestic tourism, and hospitality-from the viewpoint of the business professional. Most importantly, this fourth edition reflects the current dramatic changing times-world events, consumer demand and technology, and their impact on the industry.

Main features include:
  • Milestones: historic and marketing events that changed the industry
  • Rules and regulators-who controls what
  • Special attention to technology, integrated within each chapter
    • Web-based exercises for practice and experience
    • A new appendix with an annotated list of industry-related websites
  • Importance of marketing is emphasized throughout, the concept that all activities influence consumer choice and satisfaction
  • End of chapter mini cases to stimulate problem solving skills
  • Worksheets to reinforce the reader's knowledge
  • New tourism-related maps


Nona Starr. Nona Starr's professional experience includes 30 years of agency sales and management, tour planning and escorting, meeting planning, teaching and directing programs at schools and colleges, speaking and leading seminars for industry organizations, and conducting management, destination, and training at sea programs as project manager for leisure training for Thomas Cook and as a training specialist for American Express.

She has written materials for American Airlines, TWA, IATAN, the Holland Travel Professional Program for the Netherlands Board of Tourism, and books and manuals for the Institute of Certified Travel Agents (ICTA). While working for ICTA, she was director of curriculum development for the CTC program, coauthored the original Travel Career Development text, and as vice president of project development created the Destination Specialist series. Recent publications include Exploring the World, Geography for the Travel Professional, and the South Pacific Destination Specialist manuals.

Stan's educational background includes a B.S. in psychology from the College of William and Mary and an M.A. in education in the field of travel and tourism from George Washington University. She is a CTC and a CLIA Cruisemaster.