Ethical Marketing

Prentice Hall
Patrick E. Murphy / Gene R. Laczniak / Norman E. Bowie / Thomas A. Klein  
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August 2004
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Ethical Marketing
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For Marketing and Business Ethics courses in business or philosophy departments.

This text explores ethical issues facing marketing practitioners. It presents ethical theory in marketing context. Coverage includes advertising, product safety and targeting markets as well as marketing research, product counterfeiting, channels of distribution, selling practices and how to implement ethics into marketing organizations. Part of the applied ethics series, Basic Ethics in Action, edited by Michael Boylan.


  • Ethical business and marketing focus-Accentuates the positive practices that business firms can employ to bring about more ethical marketing.
    • Reinforces good ethics rather than devoting too much attention to unethical business practices.

  • Scenarios at the beginning of each chapter-Ethical issues that are examined within the chapter.
    • Generates class discussion to open the chapter and class.

  • “Ideas for Ethical Marketing” sections-At the end of each chapter.
    • Give students practical illustrations of points made in the text by outlining several options available for overcoming ethical obstacles.

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Table of Contents

1. Ethical Reasoning and Marketing Decisions.

Views of Marketing Ethics. Principles for Ethical Decision Making. The Importance of Ethical Theory. Two Pseudo “Ethical” Approaches. Comprehensive Ethical Theories. Religious Models of Marketing Ethics. Other Theoretical Developments in Marketing Ethics. Ideas for Ethical Marketing.

2. Ethics in Researching and Segmenting Markets.

Professionalism and Ethics. Duties and Obligations of Researchers. What Researchers and Clients Owe One Another. What Researchers Owe the Public. Competitive Intelligence Gathering. Target Markets: Some Special Ethical Concerns. Ideas For Ethical Marketing. Concluding Comment.

3. Product Management Ethics.

Product Safety. Product Counterfeiting. Socially Controversial Products. Ethical Branding Concerns. Ethical Branding Practices. Ethical Product Management. How to Evaluate Ethics in Product Management. Ideas for Ethical Marketing. Concluding Comment.

4. Ethical Issues in Distribution Channels and Pricing.

Channel of Distribution Issues. Pricing Issues. Ideas for Ethical Marketing. Concluding Comment.

5. Ethics in Advertising and on the Internet.

The Power and Complexity of Advertising. Advertising and Society. Regulating Advertising Practices. Ethics and the Advertising Industry. Ethical Issues Facing Advertising. Ethics in Internet Advertising and Marketing. Positive Developments and Future Challenges for Ethics in Advertising. Advertisers and Ethical Principles in Action. Ideas for Ethical Marketing. Concluding Comment.

6. Personal Selling Ethics.

Why Personal Selling Presents Particularly Difficult Ethical Questions. Selling and the Law. The Gray Areas of Selling. Sales Management Ethics. Direct Marketing and Selling. Ideas for Ethical Marketing. A Framework to Evaluate Sales Ethics. Concluding Comment.

7. Implementing and Auditing Ethical Marketing.

Organizing for Marketing Ethics Implementation. Corporate Culture: The Informal Organization. Enacting Ethical Marketing Policies. The Concept of an Ethical Audit. Ideas for Ethical Marketing. Concluding Comments.

Appendix 7A. Ethical Compliance Audit.

Appendix 7B. Ethical Climate Audit.

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Ethical Marketing examines a range of issues that marketing managers face. The book begins with a discussion of relevant ethical concepts and theories. Chapters are devoted to ethics in marketing research and target marketing, product issues, channels and pricing questions, advertising and marketing on the Internet, and selling. The volume concludes with a chapter on implementing ethical marketing through corporate policies and culture.

In Ethical Marketing, Murphy, Laczniak, Bowie, and Klein support the text with exhibits that add clarity to concepts discussed in each chapter. Questions for readers to ponder are incorporated into the text. Each chapter concludes with "Ideas .for Ethical Marketing" that presents action steps for marketing executives.