Self-Assessment Library (Access Code)

Self-Assessment Library (Access Code) - Stephen Robbins - 9780132431651 - Management - Principles of Management (111)
Prentice Hall
Stephen P. Robbins
Oktober 2006
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Prentice Hall's Self-Assessment Library is a unique learning tool that allows you to assess your knowledge, beliefs, feelings, and actions in regard to a wide range of personal skills, abilities, and interests. Provided scoring keys allow for immediate, individual analysis. This single volume of fifty-one research-based instruments is organized into three parts- What About Me? Working with Others, and Life in Organizations-and offers you one source from which to learn more about yourself.


A hallmark of the Robbins series, S.A.L. is a unique learning tool that allows you to assess your knowledge, beliefs, feelings, and actions in regard to a wide range of personal skills, abilities, and interests. Now tightly integrated into the text, S.A.L. helps students better understand their interpersonal and behavioral skills as they relate to the theoretical concepts presented in each chapter.


51 research-based Self-Assessments - Our entire collection of 51 instruments, 10 of which are all new to this edition, are from sources such as Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, Harvard Business Review, Organizational Behavior: Experiences and Cases, Journal of Experimental Education, Journal of Applied Measurement and more.


Work-life and career focused - All self-assessments are focused to help individuals better manage their work-lives or careers. Organized in three parts-What About Me? Working with Others, and Life in Organizations-these instruments offer you one source from which to learn more about yourself.


Choice of Formats -The Self-Assessment Library 3.0 is available in your choice of format: print, CD-ROM, or online. It is integrated into the Robbins authored OneKey materials for use within the course management context for his textbooks.


Save Feature -Students can take the self-assessment unlimited number of times, save and print their scores for class discussion.


Scoring Key to the self-assessments has been edited by Steve Robbins to allow students to quickly make sense of the results of their score.


Instructor Manual - An Instructor Manual guides instructors in interpreting self-assessments and helps facilitate better classroom discussion.

Table of Contents


A. Personality Insights

            1. What's My Basic Personality? 

            2. What's My Jungian 16-Type Personality?

            3. Am I a Type-A?

            4. How Well Do I Handle Ambiguity?

            5. How Creative Am I?

B. Values and Attitude Insights

            1. What Do I Value?

            2. How Involved Am I In My Job?*

            3. How Satisfied Am I With My Job?*

            4. What Are My Attitudes Toward Workplace Diversity?

C. Motivation Insights

            1. What Motivates Me?

            2. What are My Dominant Needs?

            3. What Rewards Do I Value Most?*

            4. What's My View on the Nature of People?

            5. What are My Course Performance Goals?

6. How Confident Am I In My Abilities to Succeed?

            7. What's My Attitude Toward Achievement?

            8. How Sensitive Am I to Equity Differences?

            9. What's My Job's Motivating Potential?*

            10. Do I Want an Enriched Job?

D. Decision Making Insights

            1. What's My Decision-Making Style?

            2. Am I a Procrastinator?

            3. How Do My Ethics Rate?

E. Other

            1. What's My Emotional Intelligence Score?

            2. What Time of Day Am I Most Productive?

            3. How Good Am I at Personal Planning?

            4. Am I Likely to Become an Entrepreneur?



A. Communication Skills

            1. What's My Face-to-Face Communication Style?

            2. How Good Are My Listening Skills?

B. Leadership and Team Skills

            1. What's My Leadership Style? 

            2. How Charismatic Am I?

            3. Do I Trust Others?

            4. Do Others See Me as Trusting?

            5. How Good Am I at Disciplining Others?

            6. How Good Am I at Building and Leading a Team?

C. Power and Conflict Skills

            1. How Power-Oriented Am I?

            2. What's My Preferred Type of Power?

            3. How Good Am I at Playing Politics?*

            4. How Well Do I Manage Impressions?*

            5. What's My Preferred Conflict-Handling Style?

            6. What's My Negotiating Style?



A. Organization Structure

            1. What Type of Organization Structure Do I Prefer?

            2. How Willing Am I to Delegate?*

3. How Good Am I at Giving Performance Feedback?*

B. Careers

            1. What's the Right Organizational Culture For Me?

            2. How Committed Am I to My Organization?*

            3. Am I Experiencing Work/Family Conflict?*

4. How Motivated Am I To Manage?

            5. Am I Well-Suited for a Career as a Global Manager?

C. Change and Stress

            1. How Well Do I Respond to Turbulent Change?

            2. How Stressful Is My Life?

            3. Am I Burned Out?


*Instruments identified with this asterisk presume that the student completing the test is currently working. These can be omitted for students who are not presently employed.