Becoming Influential: A Guide for Nurses

Prentice Hall
Eleanor J. Sullivan  
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January 2012
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Becoming Influential: A Guide for Nurses
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Becoming Influential: A Guide for Nurses
3 January 2023 66.20

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For nursing students in courses ranging from Fundamentals of Nursing to Management and Professional Issues and Roles; will be valuable in programs including BSN, RN, BSN, accelerated BSN, and Masters.


This intensely practical text helps nurses build the skills they need to gain and use influence throughout their entire careers. This edition is updated throughout with new information on nursing, health care, and technology — including social media.


Readable, timely, and upbeat, BECOMING INFLUENTIAL: A GUIDE FOR NURSES teaches through real-life examples, offering proven advice for using influence to solve many contemporary workplace problems. Self-assessments help readers evaluate their current organisational power, communication and goal-setting skills, negotiating and interviewing expertise, and even their abilities to manage confrontation. The book contains specific steps for career planning, resume building, career progress tracking, speech preparation, and more. Flexible learning activities include role plays, debates, observations, interviews, and networking assignments.


  • Gives nurses practical influence and communication tools and skills they desperately need: knowledge that is often assumed but rarely taught. Presents dozens of proven techniques for building and using influence in any role, in any healthcare organisation.
  • Includes extensive resources for beginners, practical guidance on using the skills nurses have acquired, and even guidance on preparing successors and leaving a legacy.
  • Helps readers assess their current skill levels and measure improvements. Provides self-assessments throughout, including: measuring their current spower, communication and goal-setting skills, negotiating and interviewing expertise, and even their abilities to manage confrontation.
  • Teaches specific career-related skills nurses may not learn elsewhere. Explains how to build career plans and resumes, track career progress, and even prepare a speech.
  • Easy to read and apply. Written in an informal, personal, and upbeat style that acknowledges the challenges while giving nurses the confidence and skills to overcome those challenges.
  • Organised for effective learning and review. Includes multiple pedagogical features, including clear chapter objectives and expert “What You Know Now” summaries of key tools and the behaviors needed to implement them.
  •   Helps students build mastery through hands-on practice activities. Contains three to five learning activities in every chapter; most of these can be completed individually and shared with colleague or class. Learning activities include role plays, debates, observations, interviews, and networking assignments.
  • Links concepts and techniques to real-life challenges. Contains many examples and anecdotes designed to bring key concepts to life – and, in some cases, exemplify what not to do.

New to this Edition

Updated throughout with new information on nursing, the state of the health care profession, and technology, including social media; as well as new web and print resources.


Updated! Covers more of the “influence” challenges nurses are encountering in today’s more challenging environmentsincluding the impact of health care reform; growing pressure for both efficiency and patient safety; workforce changes; and the role of technology – especially social media
  • Prepares nurses for the new challenges they will face throughout their careers in today’s healthcare institutions – and tomorrow’s
Improved! Presents more influence and communication skillsincluding new techniques for reading subtext in communication, and dealing with bullying
  • Helps students develop more of the influence tools they will need to succeed

New! Includes new case studies—more effectivelylinking concepts and techniques to real-life situations

  • Shows students the types of problems they may encounter, and how their new skills can be applied to them

New! Offers more guidance on informing and influencing outside parties—including clinical partners, third-party payers, and government policy makers

  • Helps students navigate the complex interrelationships built into today’s healthcare system

New! “For the Novice Nurse” sidebars—including basic techniques for interviewing, maintaining accomplishment logs, and even leaving a job

  • Helps new nurses anticipate and prepare for challenges that might otherwise prove surprising or difficult

New! Coverage of finding better life balance—helping nurses manage the inevitable and increasing stresses associated with working on the frontlines of the healthcare system

  • Promotes the self-care that nurses need in order to sustain careers in the profession

Table of Contents

1. What Is Influence and Why Do I Need It?
2. Rules of the Game
3. Understanding and Using Your Power
4. The Power of Image
5. Communicating Effectively
6. Why Politics?

7. Setting Goals and Making Things Happen
8. Making Connections and Building Coalitions
9. Negotiating for What You Want
10. Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

11. Enhancing Your Influence
12. Telling Nursing's Story
13. Managing Your Career
14. Balancing Your Life

15. Preparing Your Successors
16. Leaving Your Legacy

APPENDIX. Ten Little Known Secrets for Success