Visualizing Technology, Complete with Student CD

Prentice Hall
Debra Geoghan
April 2011
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For introductory courses in Computer Concepts or computer literacy often including instruction in Microsoft Office.

Visualizing Technology is the new Computer Concepts book that enables instructors to see Computer Concepts through their students' eyes!  This book covers all of the traditional topics taught in a Computer Concepts course but in a non-traditional way that is more appealing to visual and kinesthetic learners.


Visualizing Technology was created to tap into the way students are wired to think!


This book is unlike any textbook you've seen before in terms of organization, layout, and design.

  • A highly visual layout with bite-sized chunks of text, no long paragraphs
  • Chapters organized as articles with catchy headlines
    • Each Chapter Objective is covered on a two-page or four-page spread
    • A Running Project is included in each chapter, providing students with a hands-on activity for each Objective
  • Lots of images are included and these are used to represent concepts so the concepts are easy for students to remember
  • The book was written for the learning styles of most students today - visual and kinesthetic

Hands-on activities to pull students in as they learn the material by doing, not just by reading

  • We are creating Simulations for each chapter, providing hands-on interactivity with topics
  • A Media Project and Running Project accompany each chapter
  • A Facebook page to stimulate and foster discussion and share daily updates going on in the technology world

In-chapter elements that engage students and offer coverage of current, hot topics

  • A Running Project that runs throughout each chapter
  • Things You Need To Know boxes at the end of each Objective provide a brief summary of key topics 
  • Find Out More boxes direct readers to the web where they can learn more, along with questions they can answer
  • The Green Computing element discusses the efficient and eco-friendly use of computers and other technology
  • Ethics boxes pose an ethical dilemma and ask students to ponder the legality or ethics of the situation
  • The How To feature provides step-by-step instructions for completing a hands-on activity for each chapter

A wealth and variety of End-of-Chapter exercises provide instructors with lots of assessment options

  • Review Exercises
  • True or False
  • Fill in the Blank
  • Running Project
  • File Management
  • Critical Thinking
  • Do It Yourself
  • Ethical Dilemma
  • Wiki Discussion
  • On The Web
  • Collaboration
  • Blogging

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Table of Contents

Chapter  Title         1 What Is a Computer?         2 Hardware          3 File Management         4 Digital Devices and Multimedia         5 Application Software         6 System Software          7 The Internet and World Wide Web          8 Communicating and Sharing: The Social Web         9 Networks and Communication        10 Security and Privacy         11 Databases        12 Software and Application Development Appendix 1 Blogger Appendix 2 Mindmaps Appendix 3 Google Docs

Back Cover

This book is unlike any textbook you've seen before.

You won't find pages full of long

paragraphs. Instead, this book is

created to match the way


are hardwired to think.

You'll find a highly visual layout,

bite-size chunks of text, hands-on

projects, a Facebook page, and ethics and

green computing sections - all in a magazine style.


Debra Geoghan is currently an associate professor of computer and information science at Bucks County Community College, teaching computer classes ranging from basic computer literacy to cybercrime, computer forensics, and networking. She has earned certifications from Microsoft, CompTIA, Apple, and others. Deb has taught at the college level since 1996 and also spent 11 years in the high school classroom. She holds a B.S. in Secondary Science Education from Temple University and an M.A. in Computer Science Education from Arcadia University.


Throughout her teaching career, Deb has worked with other educators to integrate technology across the curriculum. At BCCC, she serves on many technology committees, presents technology workshops for BCCC faculty, and runs a summer workshop for K-12 teachers interested in using technology in their classrooms. Deb is an avid user of technology which has earned her the nickname “gadget lady”.