What Every Student Should Know About Procrastination

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Offering a complete approach to procrastination, “What Every Student Should Know About Procrastination” includes self-assessments to help students determine their own personal types of procrastination, and then solutions that address each individual style. The basic tools offered in this supplement are proven methods that can save students time and money as they learn new habits in college and prepare for the work environment.

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I. Styles of Procrastination                                                    

Are You a Perfectionist Procrastinator?



II. Situations Involving Procrastination                                

My Destiny / My Choice Questionnaire                      

What Type of Procrastinator are You?                      


III. Solutions to Procrastination                                            

The "Chipping" Method: Starting Out in Small Steps Leads to Bigger Steps




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Allyn & Bacon / Longman presents the WESSKA series (What Every Student Should Know About…) - a new collection of guidebooks targeting specific topics that are important across the college curriculum. WESSKA guidebooks are designed to provide students with key tools for success, while saving professors from constantly supplementing their lessons. All books in the WESSKA series are available to purchase separately, OR they may be packaged with any main text from Allyn & Bacon / Longman at a discount price. Consult your local Allyn & Bacon / Longman representative for details.

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A complete listing of all WESSKA titles is found in the back of this book.