Mobilization, Participation, and Democracy in America (Longman Classics Edition)

Steven J. Rosenstone / John Mark Hansen  
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February 2004
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Re-issued as part of the “Longman Classics in Political Science” series, Rosenstone & Hansen's authoritative text on political participation in the U.S. features a new Foreword by Keith Reeve that explores the text's enduring contributions to the discipline.

Mobilization, Participation, and Democracy in America provides a thorough analysis of the dynamics of citizen involvement in American politics over the past four decades and identifies who participates in the political process, when they participate, and why. Now in a Longman Classics Edition, it features a new Foreword by Keith Reeves of Swarthmore College.


  • A combination of time-series and cross-sectional data, many never before analyzed, enable the authors to provide thorough and comprehensive evidence about political participation and how it has changed over the past forty years. One set of analyses uses data from 170 surveys conducted over a 17-year period; another uses responses to 34,000 interviews conducted in election years since 1952.
  • Examines participation in local and national government as well as participation in elections.
  • The book ties participation into politics, linking strategies of leaders, parties, interest groups and social movements to the political activities of ordinary Americans.
  • Easy-to-understand graphical presentations summarize a wealth of information.
  • Throughout the book, events from the world of real politics illustrate the authors' major points. The mobilization of both African-Americans and whites by the civil rights movement and the mobilization of the elderly in the defence of Social Security are just two of the many cases.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Keith Reeves of Swarthmore College.

1. Introduction: The Puzzle of Participation in American Politics.
2. The Political Logic of Political Participation.
3. Citizen Participation in American Politics, 1952-1990.
4. Citizen Participation in Governmental Politics.
5. Citizen Participation in Electoral Politics.
6. Mobilization and Participation in Electoral Politics.
7. Solving the Puzzle.
8. Conclusion: Mobilization and Political Equality.

Appendix A. Participation in Governmental Politics: Data Sources.

Appendix B. Participation in Electoral Politics: Data Sources.

Appendix C. Participation in Governmental Politics: Tables.

Appendix D. Participation in Electoral Politics: Tables.

Appendix E. Mobilization and Participation in Electoral Politics: Tables.