American Realities, Volume 1

Prentice Hall
J. William T. Youngs
Dezember 2006
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American Realities
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American Realities, a best-selling collection of secondary sources, integrates the lives of Americans with their respective time periods, and depicts a diverse American experience that challenges the preconceived notions of students.


This edition includes new scholarship and revised writing in existing chapters. The clarity of the author's unique, anecdotal writing style successfully engages students in an exploration of unique historical characters and significant events.


  • Each chapter has a built-in study guide which includes a Chapter Summary, Study Questions, Identification Topics, and Research Topics to help students understand the chapter and to consider ways of exploring historical issues and events in greater detail.
  • Clearly and colorfully communicates the ideologies and emotions of a variety of episodes in American history, bringing places, dates, and names to life for students.
  • Presents students with different perspectives and interpretations, drawing them into an analysis of history that is both intellectually and emotionally provocative.

New to this Edition

  • Chapter 1 now focuses on Chief Powhatan, the head of the most powerful Indian Confederacy on the Atlantic seaboard and father of Pocahontas.
  • Increased coverage of the Middle Colonies, Quakers, and Social Reform.
  • Each chapter provides revised annotated bibliographies, highlighting the updated scholarship throughout the text.

Table of Contents

From the First Settlements to the Civil War.


1. The Native Americans.

October 11, 1492.

2. The English Background.

A Puritan Death: John and Thomasine Winthrop.

3. The British American.

William Byrd in Two Worlds.


4. Reform in Early Colonial America.

John Woolman on Goodness versus Greed

5. Divided Loyalties.

Jonathan Boucher and the Pre-Revolutionary Crisis.

6. The American Revolution.

1776: The Continental Army in the Year of Independence.

7. Testing the Constitution.

The Alien and Sedition Acts.

8. Republican Nationalism.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition.

9. The Limits of Jacksonian Democracy.

The Cherokee Removal.

10. Abolitionists and Antiabolitionists.

William Lloyd Garrison and the Broadcloth Mob.

11. The Texas Revolution.

Lorenzo de Zavala, Patriot.

12. Reform in the Early Republic.

The Seneca Falls Convention of 1848.

13. Manifest Destiny.

Down the Santa Fe Trail with Susan Shelby Magoffin, 1846-1847.

14. A Slave's Story.

Adb Rahman Ibrahima's Journey from Slavery to Freedom

15. The Civil War.

Two Soldiers and Their Worlds.

Back Cover

American Realities, Volume I: Historical Episodes from First Settlements to the Civil War, Seventh Edition
J. William T. Youngs

In American Realities, J. William T. Youngs vividly recreates the past through a collection of essays that integrate the lives of Americans with the events and issues of each period. Through the author's unique anecdotal writing style, each historical figure reveals our common humanity, and at the same time illuminates the distinct worlds, people, and eras in American history. These colorful and compelling essays capture the immediacy and reality of life in past times, and seek to find depth among broader themes and patterns. Each chapter contains helpful features that aid student learning, such as thought-provoking Study Questions and in-depth Research Topic sections.

In Volume I of American Realities, learn about Puritanism through the death of John Winthrop's wife Thomasine; learn about Western expansion through the Lewis and Clark Expedition; learn about women's rights through the Seneca Falls Convention, and much more.

New to the Seventh Edition

  • Revised annotated bibliographies throughout the text highlight the most recent scholarship.
  • Increased coverage of the Middle Colonies, the Quakers, and Social Reform adds breadth and depth to the narrative.
  • An updated first chapter now focuses on Chief Powhatan, the head of the most powerful Indian Confederacy on the Atlantic seaboard, and father of Pocahontas.

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