Cornerstone: Pearson New International Edition

Robert M. Sherfield / Patricia G. Moody  
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November 2013
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Cornerstone: Pearson New International Edition
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For courses in First-Year Orientation, Student Success, Study Skills, Extended Orientation, Freshman Year Experience.


The sixth edition helps students focus on practical strategies for CHANGE.  Those who can master change with a positive attitude take calculated risks and maintain an open mind will succeed.  Filled with inspiring stories and powerful activities, this motivating book teaches success through discovery, goal-setting and determination.  Cornerstone utilizes SQ3R and Bloom's Taxonomy throughout, employing the reading and critical thinking strategies necessary for student achievement.  Thoroughly updated, it includes a new chapter on Interpersonal Communication, and now extensively covers Information Literacy.  Also provides updated and expanded information on money and debt management and a stronger focus on self-engagement.  The chapter on Critical Thinking is brand new, empowering students to advance in the classroom and beyond.


TECHNOLOGY OFFERING: MyStudentSuccessLab is available with this book upon request. It is an online solution designed to help students ‘Start strong, Finish stronger’ by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. Go to for a Point and Click DEMO of the Time Management module.  


Change implementation model — 5 Step Plan promotes discussions and ties concepts to student learning and the academic self.

  • Allows students to make connections and transfer knowledge and skills to other courses, giving them a tool they can use to plan and bring about positive change in their personal and academic lives.

Reading and critical thinking strategies—are used throughout the text.

  • Incorporates SQ3R and Bloom’s Taxonomy as learning tools, not just as a section of one chapter.

 Chapter-ending critical thinking exercise.

  • Gives students the opportunity to analyze and apply chapter content to their own lives.

Section on academic integrity–Focuses on academic honesty.

  • Helps students understand the importance of one's personal integrity and character, and the consequences of personal behavior.

 Interactive design—encourages students to remain active learners.

  • Uses worksheets, assessments, and questions all in an open, action-oriented format.

Scan & Questionfeature–appears in this edition, at the beginning of every chapter.  Incorporates SQ3R (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review).  This reading and study method is one of the most successful and widely used learning tools ever introduced.

  • This feature will assist readers in using SQ3R to get the most out of every chapter.  Allows students to make the most of their reading time in mastering the chapter's material.

Knowledge in BLOOMfeature–appears in this edition.  This feature incorporates Bloom’s Taxonomy at the end of every chapter and throughout each chapter via margin activities further supporting cognitive learning.

  • Encourages readers to reflect and respond to questions from the best level of Bloom’s Taxonomy (knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation).  Allows students to recognize and utilize the level appropriate for each specific activity.

WHY Read This Chapter (Author Perspective) and WHY Read This Chapter... from My Perspective (Student Perspective)--begins each chapter motivating students.  Offers advice from the authors and former students as to why the chapter is important to the students' success, knowledge, college survival, and overall well-being.

  • Gives reasons for readers to learn chapter material by relating it directly to their personal and academic lives.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: Real Stories of Personal Triumph–have been included in this edition to motivate and inspire students.  Focuses on 15 individuals who faced huge obstacles and adversity in their life and went on to learn from their mistakes, reach their goals, and achieve their dreams.

  • Inspires readers and reinforces the hope and promise that comes with education, goal-setting and determination.

Did You Know?feature–appears in each chapter to motivate students.  Brings together 15 small biographies of well-known personalities and the adversity they faced.

  • Features people such as Abraham Lincoln, Tim McGraw, Jay Leno, Maya Angelou, Les Brown, Warren Buffett,  Martin Luther King, Jr., and Florence Ballard.

New to this Edition


  • Bold, Innovative DesignCornerstone's Concise Sixth Edition will have a bold, new, innovative cover and interior design that reflects today's college students.
  • Success Stickers– A key new design enhancement that students will LOVE!  Includes a sheet of Success Stickers so they can tag important information throughout the text to re-read, study for a test, mark a great quote, or just tag what they find informative and interesting.
  • TEN Essential Cornerstones–focuses on the ten most important aspects of one's personal and professional  life. These Ten Essential Cornerstones show up throughout the text to help students apply them to everyday situations at school and work.
  • How to Approach Change In Your Life–a six step process that allows students to implement change into their lives in a practical and concrete fashion.
  • Information Literacy–Totally new material on Information Literacy. Uses The Essential FIVE: Major Steps in the Information Literacy Process (Sherfield/Moody original) and how to apply these steps to research projects in every class.
  • Ethical Behavior -- A new section and diagram on the Six Ethical Questions asks students to review their thoughts and actions on ethical behavior tied to Academic Integrity to ensure successful transitions.
  • Motivation and Maslow's Hierarchy of Basic Needs–shows students how motivation is tied to our basic, internal, innate needs and how to use these needs to build internal motivation.
  • Policy Guide for Your College–A new activity (Self-Orientation) helps students discover the internal policies of their own institution to effectively use these policies and avoid problems that may arise from not knowing.
  • Self-Responsibility Assessment  –A new assessment that asks students to evaluate their own personal responsibility and examine self-defeating behaviors.
  • Interpersonal Communication–a totally new chapter on interpersonal communication, self-disclosure, getting along with others, and communicating in the digital age.


  • Emotional Intelligence–new and updated coverage of emotional intelligence and the brain's Amygdala and how it affects our ability to succeed.
  • Critical Thinking - chapter is brand new, empowering students to advance in the classroom and beyond. 
  • Learning Styles - chapter boasts a new "How to Learn" feature.  
  • Resumes and Cover Letters–the final chapter 'PLAN' includes totally new information on how to write a winning resume, cover letter, and thank you note.  New information on interviewing with confidence.
  • Problem Solving Model–Totally new and updated information on how to identify problems including a new model based in Bloom's Taxonomy on the Steps to Problem Solving.
  • Self-Discipline and Procrastination–new information on self-discipline as related to time management and new sections on Simplifying Your Life, Saying No, and Beating Procrastination.
  • Money and Debt Management–totally updated and revised information to reflect today's "new" economy. Includes a new ECONOMIC READINESS ASSESSMENT that asks students to estimate next semester's costs.  New information on loans and how much it costs to repay them. New section called "The Big IF's"  offers tips for IF you have to buy a car;  IF you have to purchase furniture;  IF you have to cut your food expenses;  IF you have to watch how much you spend on family;  and IF you need to cut your fuel costs.
  • The Writing Ladder–Totally revised chapter on Writing and Speaking includes a new, easy to use Writing Ladder to help students with the college writing process.
  • Depression and Anxiety–new and updated information on how to deal with and beat depression and anxiety.
  • Stop Smoking–Totally new section on the effects of smoking and a day-to-day plan on how to stop smoking.



MyStudentSuccessLab ( is an online solution designed to help students ‘Start strong, Finish stronger’ by building skills for ongoing personal and professional development. This Learning Outcome based technology promotes student engagement through:

  • The Learning Path Diagnostic offers for the course, 83 Full Course Pre- and Post-Diagnostic (Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels I-VI) questions, and for each topic, 20 Pre- and Post-Test (Bloom’s Taxonomy Levels I-VI) questions.
  • The Overview provides learning objectives to build vocabulary and repetition.
  • Video interviews on key issues ‘by students, for students’.
  • The Practice exercises improve class preparation and learning. 
  • Graded Activities build critical thinking skills and develop problem-solving abilities (includes Essays and Journaling).
  • Instructors benefit from an Implementation Guide to easily assign and assess progress. 
  • Students have access to relevant FinishStronger247 YouTube videos, the Pearson student Facebook page chock full of tips, MySearchLab use for doing effective research, and more.

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Extensive Instructor Teaching Resources/Supplements Package offers a full array of teaching materials to feel confident and prepared for class, including instructor's manual, test bank, PowerPoint, video library, and more!

  • UPDATED INSTRUCTOR's MANUAL–Totally revised and updated IM that includes a new grid on how each activity and test item measures the objective in each chapter
  • POWER POINTS–New and updated, full color PowerPoints to accompany each chapter
  • TECHNOLOGY and TWITTER TIME -- Each chapter of the text and IM will have ideas on how to use Twitter (and other social media) to best advantage. One such activity will ask students to summarize the entire chapter in ONE 140 character Tweet.  

Training for Faculty

  • In-service Training tailored to your Objectives–For adoptions of 1,000 annual copies or more!  Feel confident going into the first day of class prepared to engage your students with the materials.  Please contact our Events Coordinator,, email author Dr. Robert Sherfield at with a question, or visit his website at