Human Sexuality Today

Bruce M. King  
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November 2013
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Human Sexuality Today
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For Human Sexuality courses in psychology, sociology, anthropology, health and biology departments. (SP0801)

This appealing, readable and humanistic guide to human sexuality achieves a sound balance between facts and understanding, giving students the information they need to make responsible decisions and helping them feel comfortable about themselves while learning about their sexuality. The text continues its reputation as the best value for the money with a built-in study guide at the end of each chapter. This new edition comes in an attractive, new four color design.


  • Special sections on “Cross-Cultural Perspectives” and “Sexuality and Health” are presented throughout the book providing students with a global perspective and familiarizing students with the impact of cultural and ethnic factors
  • End-of-chapter study guides featuring interactive reviews, true-false, matching and fill-in-the-blank questions (answers provided at the end of the book), provides students with self-contained, self-assessment tools
  • Learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, bolded key terms, marginal and end of text glossaries provide students with tools to focus and help build their understanding of the material
  • Numerous case histories provided by students which draw students into the content and that make the material more relevant
  • The Instructor’s Manual contains numerous multiple-choice, true/false and essay questions for instructor assigned tests or for homework activities

New to this Edition

· NEW MyDevelopmentLab for Human Sexuality provides students with the online study resources to help make study time even more effective. Includes the Pearson eText--just like the printed text, students can highlight and add their own notes. Students and instructors save time and improve results by having access to an interactive text online, where you can click to relevant MyLab material right from the book!

· NEW completely revised, highly visual PowerPoint slides help instructors deliver compelling in class lectures.

· Revised study guide at the end of each chapter for helpful quizzes and tips that will help students succeed in your course.

· Every chapter of the seventh edition has been updated with current and relevant research that informs the field of human sexuality; over 2000 new references includes in the seventh edition

· New and compelling topics for many of the book’s feature essays will enrich your understanding of how the study of human sexuality impacts our lives today.

· A brand new 4 color design and revised photos and diagrams richly illustrate the fascinating topic of human sexuality.

Table of Contents

1. Why a Course in Human Sexuality? 
2. Our Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy. 
3. Hormones and Sexuality. 
4. Similarities and Differences in Our Sexual Responses.
5. Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexually Related Diseases. 
6. Birth Control.

7. Pregnancy and Childbirth.
8. Becoming a Woman/Becoming a Man: Gender Identity and Gender Roles.
9. Sexual Orientation.
10. Life-Span Sexual Development.
11. Adult Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes.
12. Love and Relationships.
13. Sexual Problems and Therapy.
14. Paraphilias and Sexual Variants.
15. Sexual Victimization: Rape, Coercion, Harassment, and Abuse of Children.
16. Selling Sex: Social and Legal Issues.