Management and Cost Accounting + MyLab Accounting with Pearson eText

Alnoor Bhimani / Srikant M. Datar / Charles T. Horngren / Madhav V. Rajan  
June 2019
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Support your students' understanding of Management and Cost Accounting with a best-selling textbook in the field. Management and Cost Accounting, 7th edition offers your students a comprehensive analysis of the topic with a plethora of learning features, retaining an international focus and bringing contemporary techniques and practices together.


Hallmark features of this title

A wealth of case studies and features support your students' practical understanding of the discipline.

  • A plethora of illustrations connected with company-relevant examples reinforces student understanding of how companies apply the concepts and methods introduced.
  • A detailed guide to the Case Studies at the beginning of the book helps students organise and improve their studying of practical applications.

A consistent structure aims to support your students' learning and revision skills.

  • An abundance of resources, including professional accountancy practice exercises, and end-of-chapter questions, provides opportunities to learn and develop.

A comprehensive Glossary lists all key items alphabetically, allowing students to develop their revision skills.

New to this Edition

New and updated features of this title

A text with an international focus brings contemporary techniques, concepts, and practices together.

  • Up-to-date, comprehensive coverage of digital technologies includes Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, 3-D Printing, the Internet of Things, and Big Data Analytics.
  • Harvard Business School and other cutting-edge case studies illustrate how enterprises deploy Management Accounting across locations and situations.

New and thoroughly revised content improves the structure and supports your students' understanding and learning skills.

  • Expanded and revised content covers sections such as Strategic Management Accounting, the balanced scorecard, quality costing, governance, and sustainability, as well as the aspects of Internet entrepreneurship.
  • A range of new Concepts in Action boxes and the latest Surveys of Corporate Practices show how managers use accounting techniques in the business world.

A range of additional resources offers the ideal teaching support.

  • This edition provides a range of additional materials with the adoption of the text that will help you prepare for the delivery of your courses.
  • The above range includes a downloadable Instructor Manual with exclusive end-of-chapter exercises, suggested teaching notes, and PowerPoint slides as well as solutions to additional questions and spreadsheet problems.

Table of Contents

Brief Contents

Guide to the case studies

Authors' acknowledgements

Publisher's acknowledgements


PART I Management and cost accounting fundamentals

  1. The manager and management accounting
  2. An introduction to cost terms and purposes
  3. Job costing
  4. Process costing
  5. Cost allocation
  6. Cost allocation: joint-cost situations
  7. Income effects of alternative stock-costing methods

Part I Case study problems

PART II Accounting information for decision making

  1. Cost – volume – profit analysis
  2. Determining how costs behave
  3. Relevant information for decision making
  4. Activity-based costing
  5. Pricing, target costing and customer profitability analysis
  6. Capital investment decisions

Part II Case study problems

PART III Planning and budgetary control systems

  1. Motivation, budgets and responsibility accounting
  2. Flexible budgets, variances and management control: I
  3. Flexible budgets, variances and management control: II
  4. Measuring yield, mix and quantity effects

Part III Case study problems

PART IV Management control systems and performance issues

  1. Control systems and transfer pricing
  2. Control systems and performance measurement

Part IV Case study problems

PART V Strategy, quality, time and emerging issues

  1. Strategy, the balanced scorecard and quality
  2. Accounting, time and efficiency
  3. Emerging issues: digital technologies, governance and sustainability

Part V Case study problems

Appendix A: Solutions to selected exercises

Appendix B: Notes on compound interest and interest tables


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Alnoor Bhimani is a Professor of Management Accounting, previous Head of the London School of Economics Department of Accounting, and Director of Entrepreneurship and Political Science.

Charles T. Horngren was the Edmund W. Littlefield Professor of Accounting at Stanford University.

Srikant M. Datar is the Arthur Lowes Dickinson Professor of Business Administration and Faculty Chair of the Harvard Innovation Lab at Harvard Business School.

Madhav V. Rajan is the Dean of the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.