Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace

Laurie J. Mullins  
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August 2019
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Management and Organisational Behaviour
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Offer your students fundamental knowledge regarding organisational behaviour, with this industry-leading text.

Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace, 12th edition is a comprehensive guide on the topic, incorporating new engaging content, real-life case studies and activities to support your students' critical thinking and employability skills.


Hallmark Features of This Title:

Content that is reader-friendly and easy to understand.

  • Accessible content and effective structure enable your students to get a solid understanding of all the major topics in Organisational Behaviour.
  • Overview topic map in each chapter improves the flow of topics and facilitates lesson planning, student learning, and connection with other chapters.

A range of exercises and activities that encourage self-reflection and group discussion.

  • Personal skills and employability sections help your students develop their social and work-based skills in preparation for life after studying.
  • A range of real-life case studies that link theory to practice, allow your students to get a glimpse of Organisational Behaviour theories in action.

New to this Edition

A thoroughly updated and modernised edition.

  • Updated with fresh engaging content and case studies that reflect the application of new theories surrounding Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace.
  • New section, Critical Thinking Zone, written by practitioner Dr. Jacqueline McLean, demonstrates activities that develop critical thinking via illustrating different viewpoints in researched articles.
  • Organisational Behaviour in Action — an updated series of case studies will give your students valuable insight into real-world examples.
  • 'You' — updated critical thinking questions encourage self-reflection and active reading.
  • Updated and comprehensive list of references, in line with the new edition.
  • A range of updated review and discussion questions, cases, and activities that support in-depth understanding and personal development.
  • New Chapter 0, explains how your students can approach Organisational Behaviour and get an insight into the aspects of individual and group behaviour within an organisation environment, supporting their critical perspective and employability skills

Table of Contents

Part 1: Organisational Behaviour and Work

  1. Your study of Organisational behaviour
  2. People-Organisation relationship
  3. The work environment
  4. Workplace conflict and stress

Part 2: Focus on the individual

  1. Personality and diversity
  2. Learning and development
  3. Perception and communication
  4. Work motivation and satisfaction

Part 3: Focus on groups and leadership

  1. Working in groups and teams
  2. Leadership in the work environment
  3. Managing people at work

Part 4: Focus on the organisation

  1. Organisation theory and structure
  2. Patterns of structure and workplace design
  3. Technology in the workplace
  4. Power and control at work

Part 5: Focus on organisational environment

  1. Organisational culture and change
  2. Strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics
  3. Organisational performance and effectiveness


Author Laurie J. Mullins was formerly a principal lecturer at the University of Portsmouth Business School. Laurie has undertaken a range of consultancy work, including UNAIS, VSO, and UNISON Education, and has acted as tutor, adviser, and examiner for a number of professional and educational bodies. He has been a visiting fellow in the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia, and invited lecturer in The Netherlands and South Africa. He has also undertaken a year’s academic exchange in the University of Wisconsin, USA.

Contributor Jacqueline McLean is a Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management in the Department of Business and Management at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Contributor Peter Scott is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Portsmouth Business School, specialising in organisational behaviour and employee relations.

Reader Review(s)

“Comprehensive and accessible Organisational Behaviour text which introduces students to the key concepts, theories and subject knowledge in well organised and clear manner.”

Dr Louise Preget, University of Bournemouth