Fundamentals of Strategy

Richard Whittington / Patrick Regnér / Duncan. Angwin / Gerry Johnson / Kevan Scholes  
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November 2020

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Fundamentals of Strategy

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Fundamentals of Strategy
6 December 2023 74.20


Help your students understand essential strategy techniques with a text coming from the leading team in the field.

Fundamentals of Strategy, 5th edition is a reader-friendly guide covering foundational issues of strategy.

Ideal as part of a relevant course, this edition supports your teaching of how strategic theories apply in real-life scenarios.


Hallmark Features of This Title

Relevant, real-world examples place theory into practice

  • Illustrations: Each chapter includes short illustrations to help your students understand how the theories of strategy apply to international organisations.
  • Case Studies: End-of-chapter case studies consolidate learning across different industries and sectors, preparing students for their careers.

Supported by effective learning-design principles

  • Summaries: Each chapter concludes with a checklist, summarising the key points structured by using the questions at the start of each chapter.
  • Key readings: Suggestions for further reading help your students extend their understanding of the topics introduced.
  • Case exercises: Each chapter concludes with a case exercise suitable for class debate and development.
  • Instructor's manual: An instructor's manual is available to download for lecturers adopting this textbook, here.

New to this Edition

  • State of the art approach: The book contains some of the most recent theories and techniques of strategy, particularly focusing on Strategy Position and Choices.
  • New chapter on entrepreneurship and innovation: The chapter is covering topics such as opportunity recognition and innovation dilemmas.
  • Up-to-date references: The updated material reflects recent developments, helping your students access the latest research findings.
  • Cases and examples: Updated content with a fresh look, referring to the challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Clear layout and design: The reader-friendly content complements a variety of illustrations, making use of colour to help your students understand the core issues presented and ease their navigation through the text.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

  1. Introducing Strategy
  2. Macro-environment Analysis
  3. Industry and Sector Analysis
  4. Strategic Capabilities
  5. Stakeholders and Culture
  6. Business Strategy and Models
  7. Corporate Strategy
  8. Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  9. Strategy in Action


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General index

Publisher's acknowledgements

Back Cover

Understand and apply the essential concepts and techniques of strategy 


Fundamentals of Strategy, 5th Edition, by Whittington, Regnér, Angwin, Johnson and Scholes is a concise and easy-to-follow overview of the fundamental issues and techniques of strategy from the author team of the market-leading Exploring Strategy. This book has been updated to include coverage of the Covid-19 crisis, and provides insights and examples from a broad range of international organisations. Each chapter is complemented by a wide range of illustrations followed by an end-of-chapter case study to consolidate understanding of how the theories apply to real-world scenarios. This book will particularly suit students on short strategy courses and courses focused on strategy analysis. 


‘The book is easy to follow and easy to understand. It is well structured and covers the relevant issues in strategy. A strength of the book is that it has a lot of practical examples, successfully conveying to students that strategy is of practical relevance.’ 

 - Ingo Kleindienst, Aarhus University 


‘A great introduction to strategy with great illustrations.’ 

- Dr Noelia-Sarah Reynolds, University of Essex 


About the authors 

Richard Whittington is Professor of Strategic Management at the Said Business School, University of Oxford. 

Patrick Regner is Professor of Strategic Management at Stockholm School of Economics. 

Duncan Angwin is Dean of Nottingham University Business School. 

Gerry Johnson is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Lancaster University School of Management. 

Kevan Scholes is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management and formerly Director of the Sheffield Business School. 


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Richard Whittington is A Professor of Strategic Management at the Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Duncan Angwin is Professor in Strategic Management at Nottingham University Business School.

Patrick Regnér is a Professor of Strategic Management at the Stockholm School of Economics.

Gerry Johnson is an Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management at Lancaster University School of Management.

Kevan Scholes is an Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management and formerly Director of the Sheffield Business School.