Management and Organisational Behaviour

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March 2023

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Management and Organisational Behaviour


An insight into people-organisational relationship and interrelated influences on human behaviour.

Management and Organisational Behaviour, 13th edition, by Mullins and Rees guides students through the understanding, prediction and control of human behaviour at work by applying theories, developing critical thinking and engaging with case studies.


Hallmark features of this title

Puts theory into practice

  • Explores a range of theoretical frameworks relating to organisational behaviour and links them to practice.
  • 'You' review questions encourage critical thinking and self-reflection among students.

Practical, real-life application of concepts

  • 'Organisational Behaviour in Action' case studies give insight into how covered material relates to real-world situations.
  • 'Personal skills' and 'employability' sections help students develop social and work-based skills in preparation for life after studying.

User-friendly structure

  • An overview topic map shows the interrelation of topics across chapters.
  • Online resources: The book is complemented by a companion website, PowerPoint slides and an instructor' manual.

New to this Edition

Ranked as one of the Top Ten most influential texts in business and management in the world

According to the Financial Times' Teaching Power Rankings, 2021 (research by Open Syllabus)

New and updated features to this edition

The 13th edition has been extensively revised to incorporate new and updated content that keeps the text fresh and enhances the student learning experience.

New features include:

  • New case studies from the United Kingdom, Italy, Norway, Lithuania, Greece, Bulgaria and South Africa reflect a greater international perspective on management and organisational behaviour.
  • Coverage of recent global issues like the impact of Covid-19 on the workplace.
  • New video cases (vlogs) by a range of expert speakers from around the world.
  • Additional case study content in the Instructor's Manual provides more choice for academics to use in the classroom.
  • Updated review questions and references throughout the text assess student understanding and enable them to pursue areas of interest.
  • Conceptual mind maps of complex topics aid comprehension and revision.

Table of Contents

0 Your study of organisational behaviour

Part 1 Organisational behaviour and work

  1. The people–organisation relationship
  2. The work environment
  3. Organisational conflict and stress

Part 2 Focus on the individual

  1. Personality and diversity
  2. Learning and development
  3. Perception and communication
  4. Work motivation and satisfaction

Part 3 Focus on groups and leadership

  1. Working in groups and teams
  2. Leadership in work organisations
  3. Managing people at work

Part 4 Focus on the workplace

  1. Organisational theory and structure
  2. Patterns of structure and workplace design
  3. Organisational control and power

Part 5 Focus on organisational environment

  1. Organisational culture and change
  2. Strategy, corporate responsibility and ethics
  3. Organisational performance and effectiveness



Laurie J. Mullins was formerly a principal lecturer at the University of Portsmouth Business School. He has undertaken a range of consultancy including UNAIS, VSO and UNISON Education; held lecturing appointments in the USA, Australia and the Netherlands; and acted as tutor, adviser and examiner for a number of professional and educational bodies. Laurie has the rare distinction for an academic author with an edition of Management and Organisational Behaviour featuring in both The Guardian and The Times bestseller lists of all paperbacks, both fiction and non-fiction.

Gary Rees is the Head of Organisational Studies and HRM at Portsmouth Business School. In 2021, he was awarded the Chartered Companionship of the CIPD for his significant contribution to HR Education. He is also a member of the British Psychological Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.