Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, Global Edition

Larry B. Christensen / R. Burke Johnson / Lisa A. Turner  
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May 2014
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Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, Global Edition
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Encourages mastery of the basic principles of psychological research

Research Methods, Design, and Analysis, 12th Edition, provides an understanding of the research methods used to investigate human thought and behaviour. The coverage of experimental, qualitative, correlational, and survey research helps students develop their research skills for all aspects of psychology. Information is presented in a simple and straightforward manner and placed into context of actual research studies, helping students make real-life connections.


  • Thoroughly Covers Basic Principles – Students will learn the basic concepts of psychological research, how to plan a research study, the different kinds of psychological research, how to analyze and interpret data, and how to write their own research report.
  • Supports Student Learning – Concept Maps and Learning Objectives at the beginning of each chapter highlight key content for readers. Study questions throughout each chapter help students review material right after they have finished reading about it.Practice Tests at the end of each chapter allow students to assess their knowledge of the chapter material.
  • Explores Research – The text presents research in a critical, creative way that students will not only understand, but be able to apply to real-world experiences. Challenge Exercises at the end of each chapter expose students to the activities required in the conduct of research study and ensure they are learning the skills they need to perform real-life psychological research.

New to this Edition

Chapter 4:

  • Updated ethical principles to match new APA guidelines

Chapter 8:

  • New material on mixed experimental research designs
  • New internal validity table modeled on classic work by Campbell and Stanley

Chapter 10:

  • New table: Summary of Threats to Internal Validity for Quasi-Experimental Designs.

Chapter 13:

  • New section on Research Validity in Mixed Methods Research.

Table of Contents

  • PART I: Introduction
  • Chapter 1:   Introduction to Scientific Research
  • Chapter 2:   Research Approaches and Methods of Data Collection
  • PART II:    Planning the Research Study
  • Chapter 3:   Problem Identification and Hypothesis Formation
  • Chapter 4:   Ethics
  • PART III: Foundations of Research
  • Chapter 5:   Measuring Variables and Sampling
  • Chapter 6:   Research Validity
  • PART IV:   Experimental Methods
  • Chapter 7:   Control Techniques in Experimental Research
  • Chapter 8:   Experimental Research Design
  • Chapter 9:   Procedure for Conducting an Experiment
  • Chapter 10:   Quasi-Experimental Designs
  • Chapter 11:   Single-Case Research Designs
  • PART V: Survey, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods Research
  • Chapter 12:   Survey Research
  • Chapter 13:   Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
  • PART VI:   Analyzing and Interpreting Data
  • Chapter 14:   Descriptive Statistics
  • Chapter 15:   Inferential Statistics
  • PART VII:    Writing the Research Report
  • Chapter 16:   Preparing the Research Report for Presentation or Publication