Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education: Pearson New International Edition

Randall R. Cottrell / James T. Girvan / James F. McKenzie  
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November 2013
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Principles and Foundations of Health Promotion and Education: Pearson New International Edition
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The Fifth Edition of Principles and Foundations connects you to research, resources, and practitioners in health education/promotion while providing a solid foundation in the history, philosophy, theory, and ethics of health education.


This text continues to provide the best overall introduction to the growing profession of health education/promotion by covering the roles and responsibilities of health education specialists, the settings where health education specialists are employed, and the ethics of the profession. In addition to covering the history of health, health care, and health education/promotion, the book provides a preview of what the future may hold for health education specialists. The Fifth Edition includes new Practitioner’s Perspective features and updates to all chapters, reflecting the most current thinking and practices in the field.


  • Practitioner’s Perspective boxes provide personal stories of health education specialists including how they obtained their jobs, what they like most and least about their positions, and their perspectives on important health issues.
  • Case Studies at the end of each chapter encourage students to think as health education specialists.
  • Critical Thinking Questions and Activities at the end of each chapter extend students’ thinking beyond the material covered in the text and gain a better understanding of health education/promotion.
  • Chapter objectives, summary, review questions, and references appear in each chapter.
  • Updated and expanded Weblinks sections at the end of each chapter provide an extensive list of related websites with short description to guide students.
  • Case Studies at the end of each chapter encourage students to think as health educators.

New to this Edition

  • Twelve Practitioner’s Perspective boxes have been replaced with new ones, offering insights from practitioners in such diverse fields as community health education; health and wellness center education; wellness peer education in a higher education setting; respiratory health education for a governmental agency; and local school and community-based injury prevention programs, among other. One new Practitioner’s Perspective box details a student internship in Uganda.
  • All chapters have been updated for currency (including tables, figures, references, terminology, end of chapter materials, and appendices).
  • Chapter 2 (The History of Health and Health Education/Promotion) has been streamlined per reviewer feedback for a more concise presentation.
  • Chapter 6 (The Health Educator Specialist: Roles, Responsibilities, Certifications, Advanced Study) has been updated with Health Education Jobs Analysis (HEJA) 2010 results.  
  • Chapter 10 (Future Trends in Health Education/Promotion) has been updated to include a discussion of the passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (health care reform legislation).
  • Some end-of-chapter activities have been revised so they are also appropriate for in-class use.
  • The Instructor Manual/Test Bank and PowerPoint® slides have been revised and are now available as electronic download. A Computerized Test Bank is also available.
  • A CourseSmart eText version of the new edition will also be available

Table of Contents




1. A Background for the Profession

2. The History of Health and Health Education/Promotion

3. Philosophical Foundations

4. Theoretical Foundations

5. Ethics and Health Education/Promotion

6. The Health Education Specalisist: Roles, Responsibilities, Certifications, Advanced Study

7. The Settings for Health Education/Promotion

8. Agencies/Associations/Organizations Associated with Health Education/Promotion

9. The Literature of Health Education/Promotion

10. Future Trends in Health Education/Promotion

Appendix A: Development of a Unified Code of Ethics for the Health Education Profession

Appendix B: Responsibilities and Competencies Hierarchical Model (CUP)

Appendix C: Eta Sigma Gamma Chapters: Locations and Dates of installation