Brilliant Dissertation

Prentice Hall
Bill Kirton  
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February 2011
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An accessible guide to the most important academic writing skills a student needs to write successful undergraduate dissertations and project reports on any HE course. This book will give the reader a sound grounding on what the whole business of dissertation and report writing is about, and will provide instantaneous, easily accessible answers to specific questions on all of the most important areas of planning, researching, writing, revising and referencing a successful dissertation or report.


·          Uses the tried & tested Brilliant style to deliver the most important & essential academic writing guidance to the new student.

·          Delivers practical, directive guidance on the key areas that student lack confidence and skills in for immediate results.

·          Instantaneous, easily accessible answers to specific questions on all of the most important areas of academic writing skills.

·          Gives the reader a sound grounding on the whole business of successful academic writing.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Do as we say not as we do

Part 1: Getting ready

Chapter 1: The challenges

Chapter 2: Deciding what to write about

Part 2: Getting organised

Chapter 3: How to prepare and submit a proposal

Chapter 4: Ways to stop wasting time

Chapter 5: Dissertation planning

Chapter 6: Planning your experimental project

Part 3: Finding and using information

Chapter 7: Information literacy

Chapter 8: Learning how to read

Chapter 9: Assessing the value of source material

Chapter 10: Turning reading into notes

Part 4: Research techniques

Chapter 11: Quantitative research

Chapter 12: Qualitative research

Chapter 13: Experiments and field trips

Chapter 14: The importance of critical thinking

Part 5: Numbers and data

Chapter 15: Working with numbers

Chapter 16: Working with and presenting data

Part 6: Plagiarism, referencing and ethics

Chapter 17: Never ever plagiarise

Chapter 18: Citations and references

Chapter 19: The ethical dimension

Part 7: The first draft

Chapter 20: Structuring your dissertation

Chapter 21: Structuring your report

Chapter 22: Academic writing

Part 8: Editing, revising and presenting

Chapter 23: The importance of the post-writing phases

Chapter 24: Making the most of feedback

Chapter 25: The importance of presentation


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Develop key study skills to get the most out of your course.

Brilliant Dissertation is an accessible, practical guide to the most important and essential dissertation planning, researching and writing skills that any student needs. It will help you master and succeed in assessed dissertations or project reports on any university course.

This book will give you a sound grounding on what the whole business of researching, planning and writing a dissertation is about. It provides instantaneous, easily-accessible, practical advice and guidance on all of the most important academic skills that you will need to develop to get the most out of your course and maximise your final grade




  • Understand the special approaches needed for dissertations and projects
  • Decide what to write about and prepare and submit a proposal
  • Develop the necessary academic research and writing skills to be able to develop and express your ideas and arguments successfully




Bill Kirton is an experienced lecturer and writer who most recently held the post of Royal Literary Fund Writing fellow at the Universities of Aberdeen, Dundee and St Andrews, where he specialised in helping students across all subjects in developing their literary and academic writing and research skills. Bill is also a published author and respected ghostwriter who specialises in making information accessible to specific audiences.

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