Brilliant Workplace Skills for Students & Graduates

Prentice Hall
Bill Kirton  
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September 2011
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Brilliant Workplace Skills for Students & Graduates
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In order for students and graduates to get placement in the best companies, make the best impression and make the most of their time spent in the workplace, it is essential that they grasp and develop very quickly the basic soft skills that will allow them to be effective.

Most people spend years learning by trial and error how to operate effectively in an office environment. Those key communication skills, dealing with office politics, core financial awareness, knowing how to put your case across and effective problem solving - the kind of skills and knowledge that are acquired gradually and sometimes painfully, through experience, books and the odd training course. 

Brilliant Workplace Skills for Students & Graduates is a simply written manual that takes all of the key skills and subjects and sets out the very core essentials that everybody needs to know, in an easily absorbable format, accompanied by hundreds of tips and techniques that would normally only be acquired from years of experience. The individual student using this book will suddenly have a huge competitive advantage from an early stage of their working life.  The book takes a topic per double page spread and distils the core information into easily readable chunks of text with tips and checklists to deliver the experience and knowledge that would normally take many months to accumulate. 


  • Each chapter has clear objectives and summaries
  • Real life case studies –which illustrate, inspire, console
  • Exercises/activities to build optimism and resilience running throughout the chapters

Table of Contents


Part I : The Basics
Meeting & greeting
Communication and Correspondence

Part II : The Skills

Problem Solving 
Financial Awareness
Presentations and Verbal Communication


Part III : The People

Working in a Team
Managing your Boss
Managing your Customers
Managing Yourself

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How will you make a great impression from your very first day in a new workplace?

This book will tell you everything you need to know to make yourself efficient and impressive in any business environment that you might find yourself in on your work placement, internship or first job - boosting your competence and confidence by telling you what to do when you don't know what to do.   

Brilliant Workplace Skills for Students & Graduates covers essential key skills such as communication skills, dealing with office politics, core financial awareness and effective problem solving. It shows you how to build on the core skills that you have gained on your degree course, and develop these using tips and techniques that are normally only acquired from years of experience, giving you a huge competitive advantage in the job market from the very earliest stages of your working life.

Brilliant Outcomes

·   Boost your confidence & competence in the workplace

·   Make yourself efficient and impressive in any job

·   Get the brilliant job that you want!


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