Effective Study Skills

Prentice Hall
Geraldine Price / Pat Maier  
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July 2007
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This is a high-quality, rigorous academic skills textbook providing essential guidance to the core areas of practical, aspirational and transferable skills needed by a student both to achieve success on any academic course and to secure improved grades.

It will also develop key workplace skills that will enable them to achieve success in their onward career.



  • Provides practical advice on the key skills required by students throughout university
  • Develops valued transferable skills that will benefit students as they pursue a chosen career path
  • Guidance is delivered in a fresh, contemporary style to reinforce how important and competitive these skills are
  • Emphasises how this book is devoted to developing the aspirational nature of core skills as opposed to an aid for remedial help
  • Structured around the student life cycle ensuring its use throughout a student’s time at college and beyond
  • Self-assessment exercises will increase engagement and further embed the skills


New to this Edition

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Table of Contents

How to use this book

Learning in HE

This book will help you :

1 … Manage Yourself

1.1     Managing Stress

1.2     Managing your Time

2 … Improve Your Work

2.1     Note-making techniques

2.2     How to get the most out of lectures

2.3     Working in a Real Team

2.4     Presenting your work

2.5     Excelling in Exams

3 …Optimise Your Reading

3.1     Skills for efficient reading

3.2     Finding your way around text

3.3     Critical Reading

3.4     Managing your reading

4 …Develop Your Writing

4.1     Taking control of the writing process

4.2     Understanding Academic Integrity: plagiarism

4.3     Making the most of tutors’ feed-back



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Effective Study Skills

Unlock your potential

Geraldine Price & Pat Maier


An accessible, student-friendly handbook covering all of the essential study skills that every student requires to get the most out of any university course.


"I would definitely recommend this to my friends and future students ... and I wish I had had a similar handbook when I had started university" Natasha, Undergraduate Graphic Communications student 


Effective Study Skills provides tried & tested advice and guidance on the most important academic and study skills that you will require throughout your time at university and beyond. Presented in a practical and easy-to-use style it demonstrates the immediate benefits to be gained by developing and improving these skills during each stage of your course.

Effective Study Skills covers all of the key skills areas that will have the most impact on your performance and success on whatever course you are studying, including:

·        Effectively managing your time and stress

·        Getting the most out of lectures and tutorials

·        Improving your revision skills and exam performance

·        Mastering critical thinking, argument and analysis

·        Developing successful reading and note-taking strategies

·        Essay planning and academic writing techniques

·        Working in groups and effective presentation of assignments and projects

All of these skills, which are as essential in the workplace as they are on an academic course, are covered in detail, giving you invaluable practical advice and guidance on how to increase your performance, grades and abilities. Real-life examples, self-assessment exercises and end-of-chapter quizzes will help you to assess your current skills levels, develop them further and learn how to apply them in work and study.

"Consistently readable and clearly accessible, this is a well-written and friendly textbook (that) encourages readers to reflect on their identity as a learner and helps motivate students when engaging with the content of their academic work and with the processes and methods involved in studying effectively."
Jonathan Wright, London College of Communication


“This is a useful 'pick and mix' - dip in and pull out a nugget of practical information.  The bite-sized learning objectives make this a perfect tool box for teaching study skills.  It lends itself to students at further and higher education levels, introducing and extending concepts in a clear, no-nonsense way.” Chris Pickering, Student Development Officer, University of Leeds



Students say:


An excellent and comprehensive text for all introductory students (and for those in their second and third years too)." Lesley-Ann Smith, Psychology / Criminology (Joint Honours) BA


"I would certainly buy this text myself ... [and] would certainly recommend it to my friends." Joe Stevens, LLb Law BA


"I would buy it for myself ... as it would assist in areas which students need to be aware of in order to succeed but which aren't taught by lecturers." Laura Moule, Psychology BA


"[This book] explains and instructs on how to develop all of the relevant skills and techniques which University requires of students." Jess Afronti, Psychology BA


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