Unreal Engine VR Cookbook

Mitch McCaffrey  
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February 2017
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Unreal Engine VR Cookbook
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World-renowned VR developer and instructor Mitch McCaffrey offers tested "recipes" for performing each common VR task and overcoming many complex development challenges. McCaffrey's recipes contain step-by-step instructions, while also empowering readers with concise explanations of the underlying theory and math. Students will get immediate results, as they gain as much knowledge of the "big picture" as desired.


McCaffrey covers everything from development terminology to best practices, and offers specific guidance for using Unreal Engine 4 VR with Oculus Rift, Vive, GearVR, AndroidVR, Steam, and other environments. He discusses both seated and standing VR, trace interactions, teleportation, UMG and 3D menus, inverse kinematics, motion control, comfort mode, VR optimization, and more. He also presents a full VR rollercoaster project, including expert techniques for avoiding motion sickness.


  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for building key functionality on Unreal-compatible VR hardware
  • Comprehensive coverage, from toolkits to teleportation
  • Includes a complete roller coaster simulator project, with guidance on avoiding motion sickness
  • For every game developer, from hobbyist and indie to high-end blockbuster team member

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xvii

About the Author xix


Part I: Getting Started 1


Chapter 1: Terminology and Best Practices 3

Terminology 4

Best Practices 10

Summary 11


Chapter 2: Head Mounted Display Setup 13

Gear VR 14

Rift and Vive 32

Summary 42


Chapter 3: Toolkit 43

Generic Function Library 44

Oculus Function Library 45

Steam VR Function Library 47

Summary 47


Part II: Recipes 49


Chapter 4: Trace Interaction 51

Understanding Trace Interaction 52

Understanding Interfaces 55

Setting Up Trace Interaction 57

Setting Up a Basic Interactive Object 75

Summary 79

Exercises 80


Chapter 5: Teleportation 85

Setting Up Teleportation 86

Visualizing the Teleport 92

Simple Teleportation Volume 95

Summary 101

Exercises 101


Chapter 6: Unreal Motion Graphics and 2D User Interfaces 103

Challenges with 2D UI in VR 104

History and Compatibility of UMG 105

Basic VR Menu 105

Custom Menu Interaction 113

Summary 123

Exercises 123


Chapter 7: Character Inverse Kinematics 125

Introduction to Inverse Kinematics 126

Setting Up Head IK 127

Setting Up Hand IK 137

Summary 144

Exercises 145


Chapter 8: Motion Controller Interaction 147

Why Motion Controller Interaction Works 148

What to Look Out For: The Importance of Affordance 148

Shared Input of the Current Generation of Motion

Controllers 149

Setting Up the World Interaction Project 149

Interacting with Objects 151

Creating the Interactive Objects 163

Summary 187

Exercises 188


Chapter 9: VR Locomotion 189

Simulator Sickness 190

Locomotion Types 190

Locomotion Implementation 194

Summary 205

Exercises 205


Chapter 10: VR Optimization 207

Requirements of VR Rendering 208

Latency Mitigation 209

Performance Improvements 215

VR Project Settings 221

Summary 229

Exercises 229


Part III: Appendices 231


Appendix A: VR Editor 233

Enabling the VR Editor 234

Controlling the VR Editor 235

Summary 241


Appendix B: Resources 243

Epic 244

Oculus 244

Valve 244

Google 245

Community 245

Physical Meetups 245

Conferences 246


Index 247


Mitch McCaffrey is an independent game developer and the Creator of the community VR Template for UE4. He is also Creator of the very popular YouTube tutorial series "Mitch's VR Lab." Mitch has been a very active member of the UE4 VR community and instrumental in teaching VR best practices through his Unreal Engine forum posts, VR Templates, and Youtube channel for some time.