C++ Primer

Stanley B. Lippman / Josée Lajoie / Barbara E. Moo  
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August 2012
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C++ Primer
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C++ Primer
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This edition has been completely revised and rewritten to conform to today's C++ usage. 


Students new to C++ will find a clear and practically organised introduction to the language enhanced by numerous pedagogical aids. Students returning to C++ will be able to update their knowledge with new material on using C++ libraries and programming styles.


  • A best-seller completely revised and rewritten for the new C++ 2011 standard
  • A favorite choice for a first C++ book--greatly improved and updated for modern C++ programming.
  • Reorganized to better address the novice audience, making it more approachable for non-C programmers.
  • Features many new examples that are less advanced and more accessible to novices as well as experienced programmers--folks who already use C++ need this book too.

New to this Edition

Updated for the new C++ standard.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started     
  • Part I: The Basics   
  • Chapter 2: Variables and Basic Types      
  • Chapter 3: Strings, Vectors, and Arrays      
  • Chapter 4: Expressions      
  • Chapter 5: Statements       
  • Chapter 6: Functions       
  • Chapter 7: Classes       
  • Part II: The C++ Library        
  • Chapter 8: The IO Library        
  • Chapter 9: Sequential Containers       
  • Chapter 10: Generic Algorithms       
  • Chapter 11: Associative Containers       
  • Chapter 12: Dynamic Memory       
  • Part III: Tools for Class Authors        
  • Chapter 13: Copy Control       
  • Chapter 14: Overloaded Operations and Conversions       
  • Chapter 15: Object-Oriented Programming       
  • Chapter 16: Templates and Generic Programming       
  • Part IV: Advanced Topics       
  • Chapter 17: Specialized Library Facilities       
  • Chapter 18: Tools for Large Programs       
  • Chapter 19: Specialized Tools and Techniques       
  • Index     



Stanley B. Lippman has retired back to the Catalina Foothills where he is working on EEEK!, a computational model of the nervous system of the House Mouse, and An Off By One Error, a speculative novel set in the Northwestern Rain Forest. During his professional career, Stanley served as Distinguished Consultant for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Architect for the Visual C++ development group at Microsoft, member of technical staff at Bell Laboratories, two stints in Massive Multiplayer Online Gaming, and a surprisingly long stint in Feature Animation at Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar, and PDI. Stanley will be most remembered for his many years working with Dr. Stroustrup on the implementation of cfront, the standard implementation of C++ until the ISO standard.


Josée Lajoie, now at Pixar, was a member of IBM Canada’s C/C++ compiler development team, and chaired the core language working group for the original ANSI/ISO C++ standardization committee.


Barbara E. Moo has nearly thirty years of software experience. During her fifteen years at AT&T, she worked closely with C++ inventor Bjarne Stroustrup and managed the C++ development team for several years.