Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio

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Lindsay Adler  
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October 2013

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Creative 52: Weekly Projects to Invigorate Your Photography Portfolio
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A powerful portfolio involves so much more than just a strong grasp of the technical aspects of photography–it’s a complex mix of style, techniques, and intriguing ideas. Many photographers struggle to achieve a high-impactportfolio, feeling that they lack the creative spark to invigorate them andmove their work forward.

Creative 52 is that spark–and your guide to a new and more creative portfolio in just one year! A remedy for that “average” portfolio, this collection of innovative projects will help portrait, wedding, and fashion photographers build a portfolio that draws the attention of editors and clients–leaving the competition behind. While other how-to books often use bland imagery simply to prove a technical point, and many fine art books are filled with beautiful imagery but contain minimal (if any) educational insights to help working photographers, this book blends both: inspiration and knowledge that you can use to create images that attract potential clients.

Divided into three parts–concept, technique, and post-processing–author Lindsay Adler’s 52 challenges each contain a description of the project, potential inspiration and suggestions of other artists to check out, and her own unique solution to the challenge–all to push you beyond your comfort zone to explore new ideas and approaches to your work.

  • Includes a year’s worth of weekly projects that motivate you to experiment with new concepts, techniques, and software tools like Adobe Photoshop to achieve more eye-catching images
  • Offers the cure for “expected” imagery, showing how to produce memorable photographs that are distinct from the competition, enabling you to reach new clients
  • Empowers you with the encouragement and expertise necessary to create spectacular images

Table of Contents

Part 1: Concepts

1.     Portrait without a face

2.     Tell a Story

3.     Use Sparklers or Fire

4.     Fantasy, Fairytale

5.     Make an image about 1 color

6.     Remake a famous photo or artwork in your own way

7.     Take the art beyond the digital image (paint on it, special product)

8.     Make a Mess

9.     Defy Gravity

10.   Project onto Subject

11.   Voyeur

12.   Person in frame multiple times

13.   Represent change or time

14.   Opposites

15.   Subject mimic background

16.   Underwater

17.   Environmental portrait

18.   Remake a photo from childhood

19.   Movement

20.   Humor

Part 2: Techniques

21.   Paint with Light

22.   Lensflare in camera

23.   Lensflare tools

24.   Crystal

25.   Negative space

26.   Lensbaby, Tilt Shift, Selective Focus

27.   Shoot an out of focus portrait, well

28.   Frame within a Frame

29.   High Key

30.   Low Key

31.   Reflections

32.   Pattern

33.   Silhoutte

34.   Use a Gel

35.   Graphic Location

36.   Unusual Angle

37.   Through glass

38.   Break a Lighting Rule

39.   UV Portrait

Part 3: Photoshop

40.   Lensflare Photoshop

41.   Add a Texture

42.   Selective Color

43.   Go grunge

44.   HDR Portrait

45.   Aged Photo

46.   Mirrored Image

47.   Porcelain Skin

48.   3D Image

49.   Composite

50.   Collage

51.   Layered Images

52.   Remake a movie poster


Lindsay Adler is a portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. Her fashion editorials have been featured in dozens of publications internationally and her images have appeared in advertising campaigns and billboards throughout the country. An author of three books, you can find her as a platform speaker at events like WPPI, Photo Plus, Imaging USA, Photoshop World, and online at creativeLIVE, Kelby Training, and many more. She is the coauthor of Shooting in Sh*tty Light: The Top Ten Worst Photography Lighting Situations and How to Conquer Them. Learn more about Lindsay at