Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment

W. Richard Stevens / Stephen A. Rago  
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May 2013
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Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
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The new third edition of Advanced Programming in the UNIX® Environment supports today’s leading platforms, reflects new technical advances and best practices, and aligns with Version 4 of the Single UNIX Specification. This valuable tool begins with files, directories, and processes, carefully laying the groundwork for more advanced techniques, such as signal handling and terminal I/O then thoroughly covers threads and multithreaded programming, and socket-based IPC. This edition covers more than seventy new interfaces, including POSIX asynchronous I/O, spin locks, barriers, and POSIX semaphores. Students are given examples, including more than ten thousand lines of downloadable, ISO C source code. More than four hundred system calls and functions are demonstrated with concise, complete programs that clearly illustrate their usage, arguments, and return values. To tie together what they've learned, the book presents several chapter-length case studies, each reflecting contemporary environments.


  • W. Richard Stevens' definitive, classic guide to UNIX® programming, now 100% updated for today's leading systems and distributions!
  • The #1 guide to UNIX/Linux programming since 1992: now updated to address newer versions of Red Hat, Solaris, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X, cover Ubuntu Linux, and reflect newer techniques and best practices
  • Contains nearly 10,000 lines of code, all carefully tested on today's most widely-used UNIX/Linux platforms

New to this Edition

  • Updates of systems and distributions
  • Includes RedHat 2.6x, Solaris 10, MacOS 10.5, FreeBSD 7.0, and Ubuntu Linux

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: UNIX System Overview
  • Chapter 2: UNIX Standardization and Implementations
  • Chapter 3: File I/O
  • Chapter 4: Files and Directories
  • Chapter 5: Standard I/O Library
  • Chapter 6: System Data Files and Information  
  • Chapter 7: Process Environment
  • Chapter 8: Process Control
  • Chapter 9: Process Relationships
  • Chapter 10: Signals
  • Chapter 11: Threads
  • Chapter 12: Thread Control
  • Chapter 13: Daemon Processes
  • Chapter 14: Advanced I/O
  • Chapter 15: Interprocess Communication
  • Chapter 16: Network IPC: Sockets
  • Chapter 17: Advanced IPC
  • Chapter 18: Terminal I/O
  • Chapter 19: Pseudo Terminals
  • Chapter 20: A Database Library
  • Chapter 21: Communicating with a Network Printer
  • Appendix A: Function Prototypes
  • Appendix B: Miscellaneous Source Code
  • Appendix C: Solutions to Selected Exercises


The late W. Richard Stevens was the acclaimed author of UNIX® Network Programming, Volumes 1 and 2, widely recognized as the classic texts in UNIX networking; TCP/IP Illustrated, Volumes 1-3; and the first edition of this book.


Stephen A. Rago is the author of UNIX® System V Network Programming (Addison-Wesley, 1993). Rago was one of the Bell Laboratories developers who built UNIX System V Release 4. He served as a technical reviewer for the first edition of Advanced Programming in the UNIX® Environment. Rago currently works as a research staff member in the Storage Systems Group at NEC Laboratories America.