Internet Information Services Administration

Kelli Adam / Guy Stevens  
Sams Publishing
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January 2000
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Internet Information Services Administration
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For courses in System Administration and Windows NT/Windows 2000 Networking.

Written for students studying Web server administrations, as well as for first-time IIS administrators and Web hosting company operators, Internet Information Services Administration highlights the best practices for running IIS in small- and large-scale environments and explains when and why to use specific options. It deals with such practical concerns as installing and managing IIS, integrating IIS with Windows 2000 security options, customizing Web sites and the FTP service, running Web applications, connecting to databases, and managing log files. Its real-world recommendations make this book an invaluable resource to those upgrading or migrating to IIS 5 in a corporate or educational environment.

Table of Contents

1. Installing and Managing IIS.

Before Installation. System Requirements. Security Preview. Organizing Content. Installation. Managing Internet Information Services. Backups.

2. Internetworking Considerations.

Hosting Options. DNS Configuration. Handling Capacity Requirements.

3. Integrating IIS with Windows 2000 Security.

Windows 2000 Security Recommendations. User and Group Accounts. NTFS. Auditing and Logging. Security Planning.

4. IIS Security.

Internet Information Services Security with Windows 2000. IP Address and Domain Name Restrictions. Access Permissions. Authentication. Impersonation.

5. Customizing WWW Sites.

Under the Hood of HTTP. Organization of Sites. Operators. Home Directory. Host Headers. Server Extensions.

6. Customizing the FTP Service.

FTP Architecture. FTP Site Properties. Security Accounts. Home Directory. FTP Virtual Directories. Step-by-Step Setup.

7. Running Web Applications.

Applications and Internet Information Services. Configuring MIME Types. ISAPI Applications. ASP Applications. Creating a Web Application.

8. Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions.

Installing FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions. Configuring FrontPage 2000 Extensions. Administering FrontPage 2000 Server Extensions. Security Issues with FrontPage. Connecting to a FrontPage Web. Integration with Other Services.

9. SSL and Certificate Services.

An Overview of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Encrypting Communication. Client Certificate Mapping. Server Certificates and Certificate Authorities. Installing and Configuring Certificate Services.

10. IIS SMTP Service and NNTP Service.

How SMTP Works. SendMail Components. Other Mail Solutions. SMTP Site Properties. NNTP Service.

11. Connecting to Databases.

Microsoft Data Access Components. How to Make the Connection. Microsoft SQL Server versus Access. Version Checking. Security Issues.

12. Managing Log Files.

Understanding Log File Formats. Generating Reports from Log Files. Managing Log Files.

13. Performance Tuning and Reliability.

Optimizing Web Site Performance. Running Applications. Using Performance Monitor. Editing the Registry to Improve Performance. Improving ASP Functionality. Load Testing.


Back Cover

Administrators who know IIS from previous versions need this book to show them in concrete detail how to configure the new protocols, authenticate users with the new Certificate Server, and implement and manage the new e-commerce features. You want to know how to work with the MMC, so that you'll be ready for Windows NT 5.0. This book gives you all of that: a quick read that provides real world solutions, and doubles as a portable reference. Although IIS has been available for several years now, version 4.0 of the Internet Information Server marks a major change in Microsoft's approach to Enterprise Web Service. The brand new feature set in IIS 4.0 reads like a wish list of hot Internet technologies. Administration of IIS has been overhauled by the integration of the Microsoft Management Console and is the first product to use MMC.


Kelli Adam is currently the president and principal consultant of ConnectOS Corporation, the network consulting and Internet services firm she founded in 1995 near Redmond, Washington. She became a Microsoft Certified Professional in 1991 and went on to attain status as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Plus Internet. Kelli participated in writing Microsoft certification exams on Internet Information Server, Networking Essentials, Internet Explorer Administration Kit, Proxy Server, and SNA Server. She also coauthored MCSE Training Guide: TCP/IP, Second Edition, by New Riders Publishing (1-56205-920-3). Kelli taught the Microsoft train-the-trainer course on Internet Information Server in both the United States and Japan, and Proxy Server in Japan.

Most recently, Kelli was honored as one of the Top 40 executives under the age of 40 in her area. Still, she finds time to spend with her two house bunnies; her husband, Daniel; and her 1-year-old son, Nicolas. But, lately she has not found as much time to enjoy SCUBA diving, wine collecting, boating or private pilot lessons. Kelli can be reached at

Lisa Stanley, MCP, is a technical engineer at ConnectOS Corporation who is responsible for technical administration of Web, SQL, and Windows Media Technology servers. Lisa's background and experience has evolved from being an intern with an associate's degree in information technology into playing an integral role in the technical success of ConnectOS. She enjoys science fiction books and movies, as well as various arts and crafts.