Brilliant Windows 7

Prentice Hall
Steve Johnson  
Prentice Hall
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September 2009

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When you are working on your PC and come up against a problem that you are unsure how to solve or want to accomplish something in application that you aren’t sure how to do, Brilliant Windows 7 gives you the answers.


Brilliant Windows 7allows you to find the information you need easily and without fuss. It guides you through all tasks and applications using a highly visual, step-by-step approach. It tells exactly what you need to know when you need to know it.



Spend less time reading and more time doing with a simple step-by-step approach to beginner and intermediate level office tasks.


Brilliant guides provide the quick, easy-to-access information that you need -

§         Numbered steps guide you through each task or problem

§         Numerous screenshots illustrate each step

§         Cross reference boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book

§         “Did you know ?...” sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice

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Everything you need to know to get the most out of  Windows 7

Brilliant Windows 7 provides the easy-to-access information that you need. Features include:

  • Detailed Index & contents page
  • Visual, practical tasks
  • Numbered steps & screenshots
  • Expert tips, tricks & advice
  • Troubleshooting guide


Brilliant Windows 7 guides you through the essential tasks step-by-step, showing you how to:


  • Master, customise and administer Windows 7
  • Use features including Windows Aero
  • Perform Instant Searches to find files and programs quickly
  • Manage files and information using Windows 7 programs and desktop gadgets
  • Browse the Web, search for information, and get instant updates
  • Use Windows Live Essentials to work with mail, messages, photos, and movies
  • Protect your computer from Internet or network intruders
  • Rip, manage, and play digital music and videos
  • Share files and media on a HomeGroup or network

Reader Review(s)

"the Brilliant series are full-colour books priced at £16, which represents great value for money, and they are packed full of content that's broken down into easy to understand tasks. It will no doubt be one of the topsellers."

David Bugden, Bookseller