Flex 3 in Action

Tariq Ahmed  
February 2009
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Flex 3 in Action
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The expert authors of Flex 3 in Action have one goal—to help you get down to

business with Flex 3. Fast.


Flex 3 in Action is an easy-to-follow, hands-on Flex 3 tutorial. Chock-full of

examples, this book goes beyond feature coverage and helps readers put Flex to

work in real day-to-day tasks. This book helps Flex developers make their Flex

applications stand out from the crowd. How comprehensive is Flex 3 in Action?

• Interesting themes, styles, and skins? It’s in there.

• Working with databases? You got it.

• Interactive forms and validation? You bet.

• Charting techniques to help you visualize data? Bam!

Many Flex books are overwhelming to new users—focusing on the complexities

of the language and super-specialized subjects in the Flex eco-system. Flex 3 in

Action filters out the noise and dives into the core topics users need every day.

Using numerous easy-to-understand examples, Flex 3 in Action provides a strong

foundation that readers can build on as the complexity of their projects increases.


• Expert authors have been working with Flex since the first version

• Comprehensive yet easy to follow

• Numerous do-this-every-day examples

• Gets users ramped up and productive very quickly!

• Makes the entry into using Flex fun, easy, and less scary

This book is written for the millions of day-to-day web designers and developers

who need to learn Flex to stay current.


New web applications require engaging user-friendly interfaces—and the cooler,

the better. With Flex 3, web developers at any skill level can create high-quality,

effective, and interactive Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) quickly and easily.

Flex removes the complexity barrier from RIA development by offering sophisticated

tools and a straightforward programming language so you can focus on

what you want to do instead of how to do it. And now that the major components

of Flex are free and open-source, the cost barrier is gone, as well!


Tariq Ahmed

is an accomplished web application pioneer having introduced next

generation web technologies to companies such as Bell Canada and REUTERS.

He and Jon Hirschi were first to introduce eBay to Adobe Flex which later proliferated

to other teams. As an Adobe Flex Community Expert, Tariq has been

evangelizing the technology and supporting the community through various

projects and is particularly known for his Community Flex (CFLEX.Net) site.

Tariq is the Manager of Product Development at Amcom Technology.

Jon Hirschi has been innovating with Flex since its first version. As an Adobe Flex

Community Expert, he’s been sharing his expert-level knowledge through his

personal blog, technology magazine articles, and user groups. Jon was also

involved in not only the introduction of Flex at eBay, but also in the continuance

of it via a cutting-edge command center that allows eBay to manage its servers.

Faisal Abid is a software engineering student in Toronto, Canada and runs his

own RIA consulting company (G-uniX Technologies). He’s written RIA solutions

for various clients including internet startups Buzzspot and RazorCom. Faisal’s

community involvement includes numerous articles for magazines, and he is

known for his experiments with technology.