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Peachpit Press
Dion Scoppettuolo / Mary Plummer / Mary Plummer  
Peachpit Press
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November 2010
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In the only Apple-certified guide to iLife '11, Dion Scoppettuolo and Mary Plummer will have students working wonders with iLife within the first few pages. Featuring high-quality footage and images, this book/DVD combo uses real life material and practical lessons that students can apply immediately to their own projects. Focused lessons take them step by step through all aspects of iLife '11 - everything from organizing and sharing their photo library to creating polished video and soundtracks. This guide is completely updated to cover all the new features in iLife '11 including the immersive New Full Screen Modes in iPhoto; the stunning new Movie Trailers in iMovie which can turn their home videos into Hollywood-style coming attractions; the new Flex Time and Groove Matching tools in Garageband '11, and much more!

Table of Contents

Getting Started
iPhoto: Rediscover Your Photos
Lesson 1 Viewing and Emailing Photos
Lesson 2 Rating and Fixing Photos
Lesson 3 Arranging Photos by Faces and Places
Lesson 4 Perfecting Your Pictures
Lesson 5 Designing a Photo Book
Lesson 6 Making Photos Move with Slideshows
Lesson 7 Importing and Managing Photos
iMovie: A Little Slice of Hollywood at Home
Lesson 8 Moviemaking Made Easy
Lesson 9 Having Fun with iMovie Trailers
Lesson 10 Creating Your Own Sports Highlights Video
Lesson 11 Refining a Movie
Lesson 12 Moviemaking with Photos and iPhoto Clips
Lesson 13 Advanced Moviemaking
Lesson 14 Capturing and Managing Media
GarageBand: Making Great Sounding Music
Lesson 15 Learning to Play Music with GarageBand
Lesson 16 Jamming and Creating Music with GarageBand
Lesson 17 Recording Music in GarageBand
Lesson 18 Fixing, Arranging, and Mixing Music in GarageBand
Lesson 19 Finishing and Sharing Projects
iDVD and iWeb: Sharing and Publishing with iLife
Lesson 20 Creating a DVD with iDVD
Bonus Designing a Website with iWeb


Dion Scoppettuolo is an Apple Authorized Trainer and marketing consultant who has taught classes on Apple products worldwide. Before starting his own company, he was at Apple, Inc. for over seven years, where he worked as Senior Product Manager for many products including iMovie.

Mary Plummer
is a professional musician, composer, and video editor. She is the co-owner of InVision Digital and Media Arts Inc., an Apple Authorized Training Center located at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.