Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3

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August 2014

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Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
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Fully updated for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3!

Dig into the architecture and internals of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 - with firsthand insights from the team that designed and developed it. Deepen your knowledge of the underlying frameworks, components, and tools - and deliver custom ERP applications with the extensibility and performance your business needs. Useful for Microsoft Dynamics AX solution developers at all levels, this guide will provide max benefit to those who understand OOP, relational database, and Transact-SQL concepts.

Gain best practices, patterns, and techniques to:

  • Exploit interoperability with Microsoft Visual Studio tools
  • Work with MorphX and avoid common pitfalls with X++ code
  • Use Enterprise Portal with ASP.NET and SharePoint for rich web-based apps
  • Simplify process automation with built-in workflow infrastructure
  • See how the runtime implements security and configuration
  • Design and customize the user experience
  • Gain greater control over complex batch jobs
  • Customize the prebuilt BI solution and reporting
  • Test applications, publish services, and optimize performance

Table of Contents

Part I: A tour of the development environment

1. Architectural overview

2. The MorphX development environment and tools

3. AX 2012 and .NET

4. The X++ programming language

Part II: Developing for AX 2012

5. Designing the user experience

6. The AX 2012 client

7. Enterprise Portal

8. Workflow in AX 2012

9. Reporting in AX 2012

10. BI and analytics

11. Security, licensing, and configuration

12. AX 2012 services and integration

13. Performance

14. Extending AX 2012

15. Testing

16. Customizing and adding Help

Part III: Under the hood

17. The database layer

18. Automating tasks and document distribution

19. Application domain frameworks

20. Reflection

21. Application models

Part IV: Beyond AX 2012

22. Developing mobile apps for AX 2012

23. Managing the application life cycle


The Microsoft Dynamics AX Team focuses on business-application innovation and developer productivity. The program managers, software architects, test architects, software design engineers, and developer leads who helped write this book spanned two continents yet shared a common vision: Deliver as much technical depth and developer-specific guidance as possible in a single reference.