Photoshop CC

Peachpit Press
Elaine Weinmann / Peter Lourekas  
Peachpit Press
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September 2014
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Photoshop CC: Visual QuickStart Guide (2015 release)
1 September 2015 44.50


This best-selling guide from authors Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas has been the go-to tutorial and reference book for photography and graphic design college classrooms for decades. This edition includes their trademark features of clear, concise, step-by-step instructions; hundreds of full-color images; screen captures of program features; and supplemental tips and sidebars in every chapter. Students will get up to speed quickly on Photoshop in general and learn about the new features in Photoshop CC.


New and updated Photoshop CC features are clearly marked with bright red stars in both the table of contents and main text.

Table of Contents

1: Color Management
2: Creating Files
Creating a new, blank document (Editing 16-bit files in Photoshop
Using the Status bar
3: Bridge
Opening files from Bridge into Photoshop 
4: Camera Raw
Cropping and straightening photos
Choosing default workflow options
Using the Camera Raw tabs
Using the Basic tab 
Using the Detail tab
Using the Adjustment Brush tool
Using the Graduated Filter tool
Using the Radial Filter tool
Using the Spot Removal tool
Saving and applying Camera Raw settings
Converting, opening, and saving Camera Raw files
5: Workspaces
6: Panels & Presets (The Photoshop panels that are used in this book
7: Pixel Basics
8: Layer Essentials
Creating layers 
Filtering listings on the Layers panel 
9: Selections & Masks
Using the Color Range command
Selecting in-focus areas of a photo
10: History
11: Using Color
Using the Color panel
Using the Swatches panel
Creating a Gradient fill layer 
Creating and editing a gradient preset
Creating custom and scripted patterns
12: Adjustments(13: Combining Images
Creating embedded Smart Objects
Replacing Smart Objects 
Creating linked Smart Objects 
Working with linked Smart Objects 
Using Smart Guides, ruler guides, and the grid  (14: Painting
Managing brush presets 
15: Retouching
Applying a Content-Aware fill 
Using the Content-Aware Move tool 
Removing an image element with the Patch tool 
16: Refocusing
Applying filters in the Blur Gallery
Applying the Shake Reduction filter
17: Fun with Layers
Using the Liquify filter
18: Filters
19: Type
Changing the font family and font style


Elaine Weinmann and Peter Lourekas have also written, designed, and illustrated Visual QuickStart Guides to Adobe Illustrator and QuarkXPress. Their books have been translated into 12 languages and have sold more than 2.1 million copies worldwide. They have also taught at Pratt Manhattan, the Cooper Union School of Art, the New School Computer Instruction Center, and the Parsons School of Design.

They are based in Asheville, North Carolina.