OS X Server 5.0 Essentials - Apple Pro Training Series

Peachpit Press
Arek Dreyer / Ben Greisler  
Peachpit Press
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February 2016
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OS X Server 5.0 Essentials - Apple Pro Training Series
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This book provides comprehensive coverage of OS X Server and is part of the Apple Pro Training series—the only Apple-certified books on the market. This guide teaches students how to install and configure OS X Server on El Capitan to provide network-based services. They’ll learn to use tools for efficiently managing and deploying OS X Server. In addition to learning key concepts and experiencing hands-on, practical exercises throughout, the book also covers the learning objectives to help students prepare for the industry-standard ACTC certification.

    •    Provides authoritative explanations of OS X Server setup and management on El Capitan.
    •    Focused lessons take you step by step through practical, real-world exercises.
    •    Lesson review questions summarize what you learn to prepare you for the Apple certification exam.
    •    Lesson files available for download—including lesson


The officially-authorized Apple Pro Training Series work to cover OS X Server on OS X El Capitan.

• Provides authoritative explanations of OS X Server setup and management on El Capitan.
• Focused lessons take students step by step through practical, real-world exercises.
• Lesson review questions summarize what they’ve learned to prepare them for the Apple certification exam.
• Lesson files available for download.

New to this Edition

Updated to cover newest features of OS X Server on El Capitan.

Table of Contents

About This Guide

Configuring and Monitoring OS X Server
Lesson 1 Installing OS X Server
Lesson 2 Providing DNS Records
Lesson 3 Exploring the Server App
Lesson 4 Configuring SSL Certificates
Lesson 5 Using Status and Notifications
Lesson 6 Backing Up OS X Server

Configuring Accounts
Lesson 7 Configuring Open Directory Services
Lesson 8 Managing Users

Managing Devices with Configuration Profiles
Lesson 9 Configuring OS X Server to
Provide Device Management
Lesson 10 Managing with Profile Manager

Sharing Files
Lesson 11 Configuring the File Sharing Service
Lesson 12 Defining File Access

Implementing Deployment Solutions
Lesson 13 Leveraging NetInstall
Lesson 14 Caching Content from Apple
Lesson 15 Implementing the Software Update Service

Providing Network Services
Lesson 16 Offering Time Machine Network Backup
Lesson 17 Providing Security via the VPN Service
Lesson 18 Configuring DHCP
Lesson 19 Hosting Websites

Using Collaborative Services
Lesson 20 Providing Mail Service
Lesson 21 Configuring the Wiki Service
Lesson 22 Implementing the Calendar Service
Lesson 23 Managing the Contacts Service
Lesson 24 Providing the Messages Service

Using Command Line
Lesson 25 Managing OS X Server with the Command-Line Interface


Arek Dreyer (Chicago, IL) has been an Apple Certified Trainer since 2002. President of Dreyer Network Consultants Inc. in Chicago, Arek delivers courses and provides training around the world, both in the classroom and at events like the MacIT® Conference and European Macintosh System Administrators Meetings. Arek provides consulting, troubleshooting, and integration services for customers that use iOS devices and Macs in complicated environments.

Ben Greisler (Exton, PA) is the owner and technical lead of Kadimac Corp., a firm specializing in the integration of iOS and OS X into enterprise IT settings. Ben is an Apple Certified Trainer, author, consultant, and lecturer who has served on the Advisory Councils of the Apple Consultants Network and MacIT® Conference. Together Arek and Ben have collaborated to write several titles in the Apple Pro Training Series including OS X Server Essentials 10.9.