Natural Newborn Baby Photography

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Robin Long  
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June 2013

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Natural Newborn Baby Photography
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The newborn niche is rapidly growing category and professional photographers are interested in exploring this area for their photography business. They need specialized knowledge to work with and pose a 7-10 day-old infant in a manner that is safe for the child and comfortable for the parents while trying to capture the natural and pure beauty of a newborn in their images.

This book provides inspiration and instruction, practical tips, and equipment advice. The author takes you through the pre-session preparations, working with newborns and parents on the set, developing a personal style, lighting, and posing techniques. She covers the anatomy of the baby to help the reader understand the world of a newborn and effectively capture them in their studio. Robin also include her post-processing of Raw files and working in Photoshop to create her final breath-taking images.

This easy-to-read guide with beautiful photos and helpful tips and tricks throughout, will not only assist you through a complete newborn session, but will help you start your own newborn photography business, including building a client base, marketing, and pricing and selling your images.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1. Inspiration

a. Defining Your Style

b. The Storyteller

c. The Unwritten Word

2. Beautiful Light

a. Light is the Essence of Every Photograph

b. The Importance of Proper Exposure

c. Robin's Camera Bag

3. The Planning Stage

a. Prepping the Parents

b. Planning the Session

c. Simple Set-ups

d. Age Concepts

e. Baby Safety

4. Newborn Posing

a. The Four Basic Poses

b. Smooth Transitional Techniques

c. Open Eyes

d. Captivating Connections

5. The Anatomy of a Newborn

a. Soothing Techniques

b. Baby Cues

c. Why Babies Cry

6. Natural Imagery

a. The Series of a Story

b. All Wrapped Up

c. Captivating Details

7. In the Digital Darkroom

a. RAW + Photoshop

b. Efficiency

c. Consistency

8. The Newborn Niche

a. Define, Create, and Implement

b. Setting Yourself Apart

c. Building Your Client Base

d. Marketing

e. Create a Business Plan

f. Pricing and Products


Robin Long is an award-winning photographer recognized for her natural style and ability to tell a story of a baby’s early life. Originally a commercial kids photographer, she found her passion in photographing newborns after her daughter had a baby. She owns and operates Robin Long Photography in Salem, Oregon. She is a sought-after speaker and workshop leader in the United States and abroad. See her work and read her popular blog at