Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business

Luke Williams  
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September 2015
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Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business


For more and more companies in a world that's changing fast, there's only one way to win the game: transform it entirely. For anyone who wants to thrive in this new order, this requires a revolution in thinking – a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions. DisruptThink the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business, Second Edition shows you exactly how to generate and execute those solutions.


Luke Williams reflects his experience creating disruptive products and services at frog design, one of the world's leading innovation firms. Williams combines the fluid creativity of 'disruptive thinking' with the analytical rigor that is indispensable to business success. The result is a simple yet complete five-stage process for imagining a powerful market disruption and transforming it into reality.


Using updated examples and a book-length case study, Williams shows how the more unexpected an idea, the smaller the number of competitors, and the more successful the company that brings it to market. The Second Edition emphasizes learning objectives and outcomes as the author draws on his work teaching business innovation at NYU, and walks the reader through generating a disruptive hypothesis, defining a disruptive market opportunity, creating multiple disruptive ideas, shaping them into an actionable solution, and persuading key stakeholders to adopt or invest in the solution.


Disrupt, Second Edition gives you a systematic way to redefine the future of your company, catch your entire industry by surprise, and leave your competitors scrambling to catch up.


A complete five-step program for identifying and executing on disruptive business opportunities – now updated and even more effective! 

  • Combines the design industry's most powerful 'disruptive thinking' techniques with real business implementation discipline
  • Walks through defining disruptive opportunities, brainstorming disruptive ideas, crafting them into coherent solutions, getting buy-in, and more
  • By frog design's Luke Williams, one of the world's most experienced designers of disruptive products and services

Table of Contents

  • Introduction  
  • Chapter 1     Crafting a Disruptive Hypothesis
  • Chapter 2     Discovering a Disruptive Opportunity
  • Chapter 3   Generating a Disruptive Idea
  • Chapter 4   Shaping a Disruptive Solution
  • Chapter 5   Making a Disruptive Pitch
  • Quick Reference Guide   
  • Chapter 6   The Disruptive Leader’s Motivation
  • Chapter 7     The Disruptive Leader’s Mindset
  • Epilogue  
  • Endnotes    
  • Acknowledgments    
  • About the Author    
  • Beyond the Book    
  • Index    

Back Cover

A Complete 5-Step Process for Identifying Disruptive Business Opportunities–And Successfully Executing Them

“Don’t let the title fool you. This book is stuffed with practical, useful ideas that will change the way you create and sell practical, useful ideas.”
Seth Godin, author of Linchpin

Now Includes an All-New Section on Leading Disruptive Thinking!

In a Business World of Non-Stop Change, There’s Only One Way to Win The Game: Transform It Entirely
This requires a revolution in thinking: a steady stream of disruptive strategies and unexpected solutions. In Disrupt, Second Edition, Luke Williams shows exactly how to generate those strategies and deliver those solutions.

Williams shows how to combine fluid creativity with analytical rigor in a simple five-stage process for successfully disrupting any market. You’ll learn why unexpected ideas draw the least competitors–and offer the greatest potential.

Using real-world examples, you’ll walk through every step of transforming disruptive ideas from conception to breakthrough strategy.

Best of all, you’ll discover powerful ways to lead disruptive thinking in a new section added to this edition. Drawing on his immense experience creating breakthrough solutions at frog design and elsewhere, Williams shows how to relentlessly strengthen the habits, practices, and motivations you need to win through disruption.

• Craft your disruptive hypothesis
   Be wrong at the start, to be right at the end
• Discover your best disruptive opportunities
   Explore the most unexpected corners of your environment
• Efficiently shape your disruptive solution
   Avoid the resource-killer that is “novelty for novelty’s sake”
• Make your winning disruptive pitch
   Underprepare the obvious, overprepare the unusual
• Get disruptive leadership right
   Master the motivation and mindset


LUKE WILLIAMS is an international authority in disruptive thinking, and in the practice of innovation as a leadership capability. He holds a faculty appointment at New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, where he is Executive Director of Entrepreneurship and Founder of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Lab. As Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at NYU, he teaches one of the most popular electives for business students in both New York and Shanghai.

Williams is the inventor of 30+ U.S. patents and has designed more than 100 products in industries ranging from transportation to finance, and healthcare to consumer electronics. He is a fellow at frog design, one of the world’s most influential product strategy and design firms. His instruction on innovation has been sought by many of the world’s largest corporations and most agile startups.

Williams has addressed the UN General Assembly on the future of entrepreneurship; facilitated innovation workshops for the World Economic Forum; lectured in 21 countries, and has been featured in media ranging from Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Fast Company to The Wall Street Journal.