Essential Guide to Telecommunications, The

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Annabel Z. Dodd  
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April 2019
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Essential Guide to Telecommunications, The
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Completely updated and now in its sixth edition, The Essential Guide to Telecommunications is the world’s top-selling, nontechnical guide to the fast-changing telecommunications industry.


Writing in plain, easy-to-understand language, telecom expert Annabel Z. Dodd demystifies today’s most significant telecom and networking technologies, standards, and architectures. She introduces leading providers worldwide, explains where they fit in a fast-changing marketplace, and presents their key strategies. Extensive updates to this edition include new coverage of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), extensive new wireless updates (including LTE), and updates to telecom/network security threats and countermeasures.


Coverage includes

  • Computing and enabling technologies associated with modern telecommunications
  • LANs, data centers, and VoIP PBXs
  • Competition, industry structures, and regulation
  • Carrier networks
  • Broadband and wide area networks
  • The Internet
  • Mobile and Wi-Fi networks, including 5G and LTE Advanced, and much more

The Essential Guide to Telecommunications, Sixth Edition, is the ideal single source resource for every student who needs to understand this crucial industry.


  • Thoroughly revised to reflect key changes in the industry, especially wireless advances such as LTE
  • Reveals how traffic from ubiquitous tools, social media networks, smartphones, and the Internet of Things is transforming networks
  • Explains how evolving concerns about regulation, security, and privacy are reshaping the industry
  • Discusses new strategies for detecting network security breaches and minimizing loss and damage
  • Adds invaluable new coverage of improving network flexibility, manageability, and value with software-defined networks and network function virtualization
  • Introduces new storage network technologies that enable files to be sorted, managed, shared, and secured
  • Includes more exercises to help instructors drive important new learning outcomes
  • Over 175,000 copies already in print, in nine languages!

New to this Edition

This Sixth Edition has been completely revised and updated throughout. Highlights include new coverage of Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), LTE and other wireless advances, and especially security. This edition will also incorporate more exercises for instructors and students, focused on driving specific learner outcomes.

Table of Contents

  • 1. Computing and Enabling Technologies
  • 2. Local Area Networks, Data Centers and VoIP PBXs
  • 3. Competition, Industry Structures and Regulation
  • 4. Carrier Networks
  • 5. Broadband, and Wide Area Networks
  • 6. The Internet
  • 7. Mobile & Wi-Fi networks
  • Appendix


Annabel Z. Dodd is on the faculty at Northeastern University's School of Professional Studies, where she teaches courses on data networks in the Master’s Degree Program in Informatics. She also presents seminars to organizations, worldwide. Her webinar on LTE Essentials for US Telecom attracted over 900 people.