Winners Never Cheat : Even in Difficult Times, New and Expanded Edition

Wharton School
Jon Huntsman / Glenn Beck  
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October 2008
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Winners Never Cheat : Even in Difficult Times, New and Expanded Edition
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Winners Never Cheat : Pearson New International Edition
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Times are difficult and uncertain. In times like these, some will say that you can no longer afford principles, ethics, or honesty. They're 100% wrong and the proof is right here, in Jon Huntsman's Winners Never Cheat: Even In Difficult Times. Who's Jon Huntsman? Someone who started with practically nothing, and made it to Forbes' list of America's Top 100 richest people: a self-made multi-billionaire. This book presents the lessons of his lifetime in business: a life that has included the best of times and the worst. The first edition became an instant classic; now, Huntsman has thoroughly updated it with new chapters on maintaining your principles in difficult times, when dishonest 'sharks' seem to be everywhere. This is no mere exhortation: it's as practical as a book can get. It's about how you listen to your moral compass, even as others ignore theirs. It's about building teams with higher values...sharing success and taking responsibility...earning the rewards that only come with giving back. Huntsman built his career and fortune on these principles. You don't live them just to 'win': you live them because they're right. But in an age of cheating and scandal, Huntsman's life proves honesty is more than right: it's your biggest competitive differentiator. So, consider what kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person and use this book to get you there. All author royalties from this book go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.


Your values are your #1 business advantage! A worldwide business bestseller, with a foreword from Glenn Beck.


  • By self-made billionaire Jon M. Huntsman: an entrepreneur and CEO who won his fortune on honest principles.
  • Features an all-new foreword by commentator and best-selling author Glenn Beck.
  • Contains new chapters on keeping your moral grounding in times of relentless frustration and financial stress.
  • Table of Contents

    Foreword             by Glenn Beck  xvii

    Introduction       Good Times, Bad Times  1

                                  Circumstances may change but your values shouldn't.

    Chapter One       Lessons from the Sandbox  11

                                Everything we need for today's marketplace we learned as kids.

    Chapter Two       Check Your Moral Compass  25

                                We know darn well what is right and wrong.

    Chapter Three    Play by the Rules  39

                                Compete fiercely and fairly--but no cutting in line.

    Chapter Four       Setting the Example  53

                                Risk, responsibility, reliability--the three Rs of leadership.

    Chapter Five       Keep Your Word  77

                                It's high time to corral the corporate lawyers.

    Chapter Six         Why We Cross the Line  95

                                There are many temptations, but reminders help.

    Chapter Seven   Pick Advisors Wisely  107

                                Surround yourself with associates who have the courage to say no.

    Chapter Eight      Get Mad, Not Even  125

                                Revenge is unhealthy and unproductive. Learn to move on.

    Chapter Nine       Graciousness Is Next to Godliness  139

                                Treat competitors, colleagues, employees, and customers with respect.

    Chapter Ten        Your Name Is on the Door  157

                                Operate businesses and organizations as if they're family owned.

    Chapter Eleven  The Obligation to Give Back  171

                                Nobody is completely self-made; return the favors and good fortune.

    Chapter Twelve  The Bottom Line  193

                                Acceptable values are child's play, not rocket science.

                                  Perspective from Larry King  207

                                  Perspective from Neil Cavuto  215

                                  Perspective from Wayne Reaud  221

    Back Cover

    Author royalties from this book go to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation


    “The way Jon conducts his business and lives his life will not only inspire you to be a better person, citizen, and entrepreneur, it also will give you hope that the good guys don't finish last.”

    Glenn Beck


    'Jon Huntsman is a different breed. He believes business is a creative endeavor, similar to a theater production, wherein integrity must be the central character.'

    Larry King, CNN


    'Jon Huntsman's own life and personal values lend credence to his words. He walks his ethical talk.'

    Neil Cavuto, Fox News


    'This book could put me out of business. Nobody would be happier about it than me.'

    Wayne Reaud, Trial Attorney.


    The nationwide bestseller--fully updated for today's tough times and worldwide financial crises


    “Everyone does it.” Everyone cheats. Cuts corners. Tells lies. Maybe it was different once. Not today. If you want to succeed in thiseconomic climate, you simply have to make compromises. Right?


    Wrong. You can succeed at the highest levels, without sacrificing the principles that make life worth living. The proof? You're holding it.


    Jon M. Huntsman built a $12 billion company from scratch, the old-fashioned way: with integrity. There were short-term costs and difficult decisions. There were tough times. Times just like today. But ultimately, leading with integrity wasn't just personally right for Huntsman, it also proved to be the best business strategy.


    In Winners Never Cheat, Huntsman tells you how he did it, and how you can, too. This book is about remembering why you work, and why you were chosen to lead. It's about finding the bravery to act on what you know is right, no matter what you're up against.


    It's about winning. The right way.


    Think about the kind of person you want to do business with. Then, be that person--and use this book to get you there.




    Jon M. Huntsman is chairman and founder of Huntsman Corporation. He started the firm with his brother, Blaine, in 1970. By 2000, it had become the world's largest privately held chemical company and America's biggest family-owned and operated business, with more than $12 billion in annual revenues. He took the business public in early 2005. He was a special assistant to the president in the Nixon White House, was the first American to own controlling interest of a business in the former Soviet Union, and is the chairman of the Board of Overseers for Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, his alma mater. Mr. Huntsman also has served on the boards of numerous major public corporations and philanthropic organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Red Cross. The Business School at Utah State University is named after him, as is the basketball arena at the University of Utah. The Huntsman businesses fund the foundation that is the primary underwriter for the prestigious Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, which he founded. The hospital/research facility has become a leader in the prevention, early diagnosis, genetic legacies, and humane treatment of cancer. He resides with his wife, Karen, in Salt Lake City.