NLP Business Masterclass

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David Molden  
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May 2007
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Companies today stand or fall, not by the efficiency of their processes and systems, but by the talent of their people. By using the techniques of NLP you can develop talent and achieve success.

This is the popular but definitive book of NLP for people who want to make exceptional progress for their organisations. It demystifies NLP and relates the theories and principles to current business challenges. Its practical techniques, methods, and examples drawn from leading practitioners in the field, ensures you can implement this straight into your everyday working life.

NLP Business Masterclass takes the applications of NLP in business beyond simple everyday techniques, to consider the bigger challenges facing organisations today including:

· How do you get the best from your people?
· What's the best way of organising teams?
· How can NLP help us to motivate people?
· What about incentives and rewards for employees?
· How do you change a culture and keep it alive?
· How can NLP help my people to become more committed and responsible?
· How can NLP help to develop leadership?

You can learn more about NLP. Or you can have the Masterclass.


Table of Contents



Section 1  Principles of NLP: the foundations of success

1  Swamps and alligators

2 What we think about people matters

3 Scapegoats wanted

Section 2  Patterns of NLP: an awareness of difference


4 Road maps for work and life

5 A state of mind

6 Patterns of rapport

7 Communication channels

8 Language for influence and change

9 Metaprogrammes

10 Alignment

11 Time coding

12 The tiger and the rose garden


Section 3 Creating change: real-world applications


13 How to set compelling goals

14 Reframing - creating new perspectives

15 Information frames - for meetings

16 Anchoring - accessing all the resources you need by Denise Parker

17 Corporate competitive envisioning by Marcus Muir

18 My perception becomes your experience by Jane Revell

19 Coaching the presenter by Jon Symes

20 The risk wheel by Mark Underwood

21 The seven-step strategy process by Bob Janes

22 Putting outcomes to work by Marie Faire and Paul King

23 Developing trust in global virtual teams by John Spiers

24 Time management and Orange Circle Thinking in action by Pat Hutchinson


Section 4  Modelling excellence: how to acquire the skills you want


25 The modelling method and technique

26 The Walt Disney strategy for creativity

27 Modelling case study: customer service skills

28 Modelling case study: generative excellence modelling in a top tax consultancy firm by Brad Waldron

29 Kill the habit – for good!



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The authoritative guide to NLP for managers and executives

“An absolute masterpiece…Molden has yet again demonstrated, through his vivid examples, the transformation that the practical application of NLP can bring about in an organisation – read this before your competitors do!”


Neil White, BSc (Hons) MBA CEng FIMechE MI Mgt, Managing Director, ALSTOM Electrical Machines Ltd


“Understanding and applying concepts like NLP is what makes executives successful. This book gives the competitive edge that most people spend their entire career searching for.”


Paul L’Estrange, Global Business Development, Vertical Inc.


“This is an excellent book which demystifies NLP. It applies the philosophy and tools to the business world in a highly effective way. As both a Chartered Corporate Psychologist and a Master Practitioner in NLP I recommend it to any manager who wants to develop their personal leadership ability.”


Professor John Potter, CEO, John Potter Global Consulting and Professor of Strategic Leadership, Centre for Leadership Studies, University of Exeter

“David engages his audience with real-work examples and techniques that you can begin to use immediately. This book is for everybody - even those who think they ‘know’ NLP.”

Gayna Hart, Managing Director Quicksilva Software Solutions

What can NLP do for you and your business? It can ramp up team performance, improve your personal achievement, and work wonders on the levels of initiative, creativity and commitment in your company. In short, it can sharpen your competitive edge. How? This book gives you a tried and tested masterclass in using NLP to bring your organisation up to peak performance.

NLP is increasingly popular in the business world and beyond. And that’s because it gets results. You can apply it across many critical areas of your business, from strategic planning, to creative thinking, to giving effective feedback to your team. You will not see substantial leaps in productivity and performance if you keep doing what you’ve always done, even if you learn to do it better. NLP Business Masterclass shows you how to think differently so that you come up with new and often surprising ways of doing things. Change like this can release unsuspected potential and bring your business success you never thought possible.

The Masterclass in achieving better business performance through NLP.


David Molden is a director with Quadrant 1, a vehicle for helping people be their best in whatever they pursue. David's assignments include a 1:1 coaching clients and a range of projects with large corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Today he enjoys working as a Peak Performance Mentor with business teams, CEO's and managers across a variety of sectors and in many different countries.