Brilliant Digital Photography for the Over 50s

Prentice Hall
John Skeoch  
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December 2008

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Brilliant Digital Photography for the Over 50s
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Table of Contents



 The move from Film to Digital (4 pages)

Preface (2 pages)

What is a digital camera? (2 pages)

Understanding more about megapixels (2 pages) 


1) Getting to grips with your new camera (44 pages)


Keep your batteries charged (2 pages) 

Formatting your memory card (2 pages)

Steady hands and your shutter (4 pages) (look at good posture to help avoid camera shake)

Getting the most from an auto focus camera (4 pages)

Understanding Image Stabilization (4 pages)

Is a Tripod Necessary? (4 pages)

Using your zoom, optical and digital (4 pages)

Balancing the dark and the light (4 pages)

Getting the best from your built in flash (4 pages)

Using your still camera to record video (4 pages)

Playing back your captures on a TV (4 pages)

Getting your pictures on to your computer (4 pages)

Installing and using a card reader

2) Using the manual modes (41 pages)


Selecting an ISO Speed (4 pages) (explain the disassociation between film speeds and memory cards)

Using the cameras scene modes (6 pages)

Using Aperture priority (4 pages)

Using Shutter priority (4 pages)

Making the most of Manual Mode (4 pages)

Understanding when to use Spot, Centre and Matrix metering (4 pages)

Using Exposure Compensation (6 pages)

Formal Wear

Beach or snow holidays

Using Flash Compensation (4 pages)

Using Face Detection (4 pages)


3) Advanced Techniques to improve your shots (62 pages)


Thinking in print sizes (2 pages)

Learning to pose people for flattering results (6 pages)

How to photograph children (4 pages)

Getting great portrait and group shots (6 pages)

Small Group Shots

Large Group Shots

Capturing Motion Blur (4 pages)

Motion blur with flash

How to shoot at parties (4 pages)

Begin using Exposure bracketing (4 pages)

Long Exposures (8 pages)

Night Landscapes

Balancing Flash light with available light

Portraits in poor light

Hitting a moving target with Continuous Focus (4 pages)

Experimenting with Digital Filters (4 pages)

Using Macro photography (4 pages)

What is white balance? (4 pages)

Using preset White balances (4 pages)

Using the Histogram (4 pages)

Live Histogram

Playback Histogram

4) Mastering the Digital Dark Room (73 pages) (This section needs to be rewritten for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.0)

What software do you need? (2 pages)

            Painting in layers (4 pages)

Removing Red eye (4 pages)

Adjusting Exposure (4 pages)

How to selectively dodge and burn an image (4 pages)

Correcting colour cast (6 pages)

Sharpening your shots (4 pages)

Controlling digital noise (4 pages)

Leveling uneven horizons (2 pages)

Converting colour photos to black and white (4 pages)

Experimenting with Vignettes (6 pages)

Adding frames to images (4 pages)

Adding soft focus (6 pages)

Creating a perfect Panorama (4 pages)

Adding and removing elements (even people) (4 pages)

Restoring damaged prints (6 pages)

Cropping your photos ready for print (4 pages)

5) Updating your albums (36 pages)

Archiving your old photos (4 pages)

Using a digital album (4 pages)

Mastering Metadata (4 pages)

Burning to CD or DVD (6 pages)

Creating an CD cover (2 pages)

Making an attractive slideshow (6 pages)

Add images to family trees (2 pages)

Recovering lost digital images (4 pages)

Making your images available on the web (6 pages)* worth looking at .mac, photobucket  or other web based solutions


6) Getting rea

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What you need to know and how to do it

Brilliant guides allow you to find the information that you need easily and without fuss. Using a highly visual, step-by-step approach, Brilliant books will solve your technology problems and guide you through essential tasks, providing you with exactly what you need to know, just when you really need it.

Spend less time reading and more time doing with a visual step-by-step approach to getting the most out of your Digital Camera

Brilliant Digital Photography for the Over 50s provides the quick, easy-to-access information that you need...

  • Accessible full colour design throughout
  • Practical tasks presented on one or two pages
  • Numbered steps guide you through each task or problem
  • Numerous screenshots illustrate each step
  • 'See Also ...' boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book
  • 'Did you know?...' sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice
  • Troubleshooting guide to help you sort out most common problems and queries

Written specifically for the older user, Brilliant Digital Photography for the Over 50s shows you everything that you will need to get the most out of your digital camera and its associated photo editing software and how to exploit the full functionality of a standard compact digital camera to create stunning images.

·         Clear step-by-step guidance, with expert tips and trouble-shooting advice to help you through the trickier parts.

·        Starts at the beginning: what exactly is a digital camera and how do you choose which one to buy? No previous knowledge is assumed.

·        Guides you through simple tasks using both the computer and camera to produce stunning images and create perfect

·        Makes advanced techniques sound easy: when to opt for manual control of exposure, aperture and shutter speed to create professional looking shots.

·        Gets to grips with the jargon: both computer and camera terminology can be daunting. Use the Jargon buster as a handy reference guide to talking the talk.