Brilliant Laptops for the Over 50s

Prentice Hall
Joli Ballew  
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December 2008

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Brilliant Laptops for the Over 50s
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 – Introduction to laptops

  • Laptop advantages
  • Access media and games
  • Use the web to find your way
  • Entertain your grandchildren
  • Tablet PC support
  • Use your laptop ergonomically
  • Get started

Chapter 2 – Choosing and using a laptop

  • Things to consider when shopping for a laptop
  • Shopping checklist
  • Choosing a rugged laptop
  • Extended warranties

Chapter 3 – Exploring the outside of the laptop

  • Locate and use various features
  • Explore additional ports

Chapter 4 – Exploring the inside

  • Basic functionality
  • Keys common to most keyboards

Chapter 5 – Windows Vista

  • Starting and activating Windows Vista
  • Explore the Welcome Center
  • About Vista editions
  • Explore the desktop
  • Explore Vista
  • Explore the taskbar
  • Explore the Sidebar
  • Instant search
  • Shut down Windows

Chapter 6 – Tweaking the look of Windows Vista

  • Personalise the desktop with Aero
  • Windows backgrounds
  • Screen savers
  • Changing desktop icons
  • Screen resolution
  • Mouse/screen pointers
  • Font size

Chapter 7 – Configuring accessibility options

  • Configure the Narrator
  • Working with the Magnifier
  • Using the on-screen keyboard
  • Make the keyboard easier to use
  • Explore keyboard shortcuts
  • Explore additional ease of access options
  • Using speech recognition

Chapter 8 – Safety and security

  • User accounts and passwords
  • Protecting your laptop
  • Protecting your family and your data
  • Staying safe online
  • Help and support

Chapter 9 – Connecting to the Internet

  • Choose among dial-up, broadband, mobile, wireless, satellite
  • Configuring your home Internet connection
  • Creating a wireless satellite connection
  • Viewing and managing network connections
  • Using free WiFi hotspot

Chapter 10 – Working with media and media applications

  • Rip a CD in Media Player
  • Playing music in Media Player
  • Burn a CD in Media Player
  • Import pictures
  • Edit photos
  • Share photos
  • Watch DVDs
  • Burn a data DVD
  • Movie Maker basics
  • Watching live television
  • Record television

Chapter 11 – Instant and video messaging

  • Get  Live Messenger
  • Configure Live Messenger
  • Messaging
  • Voice and video communications

Chapter 12 – The Mobility Center

  • Explore Mobility Center
  • Extend battery life
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Exploring presentation settings
  • Sync Center
  • Using an external display

Chapter 13 – Tablet PC features for tablet PCs and laptops

  • Tablet PC tools
  • Using the tablet PC's input panel
  • Configure tablet PC features
  • Snipping Tool
  • Sticky Notes
  • Handwriting recognition
  • Gestures
  • Flicks
  • Windows journal

Chapter 14 – Holidays with a laptop

  • Back up your laptop before you leave
  • Be sure you need your laptop
  • Packing your laptop
  • Taking your laptop on an airplane
  • Getting online access
  • Physically secure your laptop


Back Cover

Spend less time reading and more time doing

Brilliant Laptops for the Over 50s is a visual reference book that shows you how to take control of your computer. It has been specifially written for those who did not have significant contact with computers in their working lives, but who now have the time to explore the possibilities of the new technology.

Spend less time reading and more time doing with a visual step-by-step approach to getting the most out of your laptop.

Brilliant Laptops for the Over 50s provides the quick, easy-to-access information that you need...

  • Accessible full colour design throughout
  • Detailed index to help you find exactly what you need to know
  • Practical tasks presented on one or two pages
  • Numbered steps guide you through each task or problem
  • Numerous screenshots illustrate each step
  • 'See Also ...' boxes point you to related tasks and information in the book
  • 'Did you know?...' sections alert you to relevant expert tips, tricks and advice
  • Troubleshooting guide to help you sort out most common problems and queries

Written specifically for the older user, Brilliant Laptops for the Over 50s  shows you everything that you will need to know to get up and running on your laptop in no time, providing…

  • A visual tutorial taking you from laptop novice to accomplished user in easy steps
  • A guide to optimising your use of your laptop making it a more integral and essential part of your life
  • Essential guidance on the vast array of software and peripheral hardware available to you, allowing you to make the right choices for how you want to work
  • Insider tips and tricks on optimising your hardware and software to make sure that you get every extra ounce of power and time from your battery


Joli Ballew, is a Microsoft MVP, a technology trainer, and a hugely experienced writer who has written over two dozen best-selling books on all aspects of computing and Microsoft Windows technology and applications. In addition to writing, Joli teaches computer classes and works as a network administrator and Web designer.