Are you a Badger or a Doormat?

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Rosie Miller  
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August 2009
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Are you a Badger or a Doormat?
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Using memorable caricatures to highlight the effects of your behaviour as a leader, this book offers a powerful model for effective leadership

Are you a Badger or a Doormat?provides you with clear instructions and simple self-coaching processes which will propel you along the path to leadership success. It uses memorable caricatures to show extreme leadership styles, teaching you what behaviour to avoid and what to do more of, in an accessible and amusing way.


  • Lots of diagnostics and self-coaching questions to help you assess what kind of leader you are now and how best to get to where you want to be
  • Gives you the combined experience of an executive coach and 20 top leaders from a wide range of different contexts
  • Very appealing and attractive style with lots of checklists, summaries, cartoons and illustrations

Table of Contents

About the author
Chapter 1- Introduction
Chapter 2- The accessibility dilemma
Chapter 3- The communication dilemma
Chapter 4- The flexibility dilemma
Chapter 5- The delegation dilemma
Chapter 6- The change dilemma
Chapter 7- The leadership jigsaw
Chapter 8- The Inner Compass
Chapter 9 – Putting it all together

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‘Shines a powerful light on to the dilemmas leaders struggle with and shows you how to develop as a better leader.’

Professor Clive Morton, OBE, Middlesex University Business School


‘Offers new ways of thinking to help you resolve common leadership dilemmas and adopt habits that will get you results.’

Padraig McManus, Chief Executive, ESB


‘There are numerous books on leadership but few that are as engaging, straightforward and practical as this.’

Alistair Schofield, MD, Extensor Ltd




Are you a badger or a doormat? This may sound like a strange question to ask a leader, but these two caricatures encapsulate the behaviour of leaders who struggle with focusing their time effectively. A ‘Badger Boss’ is busy doing their own thing and is never seen by their team from dawn to dusk; a ‘Doormat Boss’ never gets anything done because they are constantly at the beck and call of other people.


Memorable caricatures are used throughout the book to show extreme leadership styles and help you recognise which behaviours to avoid and which to put into practice more often. Rosie Miller’s engaging, easy-to-read book is full of serious advice on how to avoid these extremes and how to be a balanced, focused leader who gets results.



Rosie Miller is a sought-after international executive coach. One of her key coaching talents is to translate complex or theoretical ideas into simple, practical actions busy people can implement.

She has 20 years’ experience advising and coaching senior executives on strategy, change, team development, communication and time management. Her clients include leaders  in organisations such as BP, GSK, Rolls-Royce, RBS Financial Markets, AIB, Shell, ESB, London Underground, Water UK, Deloittes and Cummins Engines. The high regard in which she is held by clients is reflected in the impressive group of 20 senior business and military leaders interviewed for this book.

Prior to setting up her own business, she held senior roles in the consulting arms of Ernst & Young, Roland Berger and Partners and Coopers & Lybrand. Her earlier working life in Shell and Conoco gave her direct experience of line management in major corporations.

Rosie is a highly regarded presenter of training on topics relating to personal impact and influencing for senior executives. She also contributes regular articles to a business newsletter.

Reader Review(s)

"For a book of only 200 pages, it packs a lot of information between its covers.  Whether you are new to leadership or have been leading teams or departments for some time, I am sure that there will be something in this book which will justify its purchase price of £14.99". 

Dr Liz Clark, Director, Global Medical Operations, Norgine Ltd.