How to Spend Less Without Being Miserable

Richard Templar  
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April 2009

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How to Spend Less Without Being Miserable


Can life really be fun and frugal? The answer is yes. You don’t have to stop enjoying yourself to reduce your outgoings. This wise, witty and warm guide shows you loads of simple, fun and pain-free ways to make your money go further – without taking the pleasure out of life.

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  1. You have to want to do it
  2. Get your kicks somewhere else
  3. Know your budget
  4. Remember the glass is half full
  5. Save time
  6. Get organised
  7. See it as a challenge
  8. Make bargain-hunting a hobby
  9. Know when a bargain is not a bargain
  10. Hoard your savings
  11. Try an alternative savings scheme
  12. Look for cheap thrills
  13. Give yourself a cooling off period
  14. Imagine yourself without it
  15. Put it away before you get it
  16. Ringfence funds
  17. Use big money
  18. Say never never to the never never
  19. Think green
  20. Sell things
  21. Be a barterer
  22. Get online
  23. Don’t window shop
  24. Carry cash
  25. Don’t play with pretend money
  26. Freeze your assets
  27. Do your weekly shop online
  28. Never shop for food on an empty stomach
  29. Shop in a hurry
  30. Cut out coupons
  31. Milk your loyalty
  32. Make the most of supermarkets
  33. Shop for quality, not quantity
  34. Shop for quality, not for price
  35. Calculate the price per wear
  36. Decide what it’s worth
  37. Be mail order savvy
  38. Check out the benefit of brands
  39. Ask yourself if you need it
  40. Always try to buy in bulk
  41. Try smaller companies for size
  42. Get into the haggling habit
  43. Never pay the asking price
  44. Buy with selling in mind
  45. Net yourself a bargain
  46. Shop twice
  47. Join mailing lists
  48. Buy at auction
  49. Get competitive
  50. Know when to sell… and when to buy
  51. Support your local farmer
  52. Stick to tap water
  53. Change your habits
  54. Buy less food
  55. Buy cheaper food
  56. Be a sneaky cheapskate
  57. Cook for yourself
  58. Use your leftovers
  59. Use your freezer
  60. Cook less food
  61. Eat on the cheap
  62. Become a vegetarian
  63. Grow your own
  64. Free food
  65. Stay in
  66. Go out later
  67. Hold a swap shop
  68. Bargain competition
  69. Set up a babysitting circle
  70. Meet for lunch
  71. Share and share alike
  72. Swap your house
  73. Book late
  74. Holiday at home
  75. Work to live
  76. Avoid currency traps
  77. Get the kids involved
  78. Think hard about insurance
  79. Check your statement
  80. Look for the best deals
  81. Switch off
  82. Don’t heat what you don’t use
  83. Turn it down
  84. Save water
  85. Save petrol
  86. Practise phone economics
  87. Do your own
  88. DIY
  89. Make presents
  90. Get the kids to make presents
  91. Agree a budget
  92. Have a family draw
  93. Use cheap wrapping paper
  94. Trim your Christmas
  95. Shop in the January sales
  96. Try a student
  97. Recycle your kids’ clothes
  98. Get hitched on a budget
  99. Have a budget baby
  100. Don’t give up

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Most of us know that we spend more than we should. But we struggle to actually do anything about it, mainly because the idea of spending less means missing out or depriving ourselves… doesn’t it?

Not according to Richard Templar. 

He knows that, if you’re clever about it, your life can be just as good and cost you less.

With his usual mix of wit, wisdom and straight talking, Templar delivers cunning ideas on how to spend less, without taking any of the fun out of life. In fact, he’d argue that your life is going to get a whole lot better when you know how to stop wasting money. You'll be able to stop worrying about what might be lurking in your next bank statement and just get on with enjoying life.


Richard Templar is the author of the international bestselling Rules books. Over 2 million people around the world have enjoyed and now play by Richard Templar's Rules. The complete list of titles is as follows: Rules of Life, Rules of Work, Rules of Management, Rules of Wealth, Rules of Parenting, Rules of Love and the latest bestseller, The Rules to Break.

Reader Review(s)

"Richard Templar writes with wit and wisdom to encourage us to think and behave differently and develop the mindset that frugal is fun."

Choice Magazine, July 2009

"With clever foresight and strategic planning Templar suggests myraid ways in which you can spend substantially less and still enjoy the same standards of living as a canny bargain-hunter…there are suggestions to suit every personality and every budget."

The Good Book Guide, January 2010