Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets

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Glen Arnold  
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December 2011

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Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets
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From bestselling author Glen Arnold, this is a jargon-busting book that describes how financial markets work, where they are located and how they impact on everyday life. It assumes no specialised prior knowledge of finance theory and provides an authoritative and comprehensive run-down of the workings of the modern financial system.

Using real world examples from media such as the Financial Times, Arnold gives an international perspective on the financial markets with frequent comparisons in the workings of major financial centres such as the Bank of England and the City, the Federal Reserve System and Wall Street, the Japanese Central Bank, the European Central Bank and IMF and World Bank.


Table of Contents


Author's acknowledgments

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Chapter 1 The purpose of financial markets

Chapter 2 An overview of the markets and institutions

Chapter 3 Banking: retail and corporate 

Chapter 4 Investment banking

Chapter 5 Other types of banking

Chapter 6 Central banking

Chapter 7 Pooled investment funds

Chapter 8 Insurance

Chapter 9 Money markets       

Chapter 10 Bond markets – governments and corporate

Chapter 11 Bond markets  - the more exotic

Chapter 12 Equity markets

Chapter 13 Raising share capital

Chapter 14 Futures markets

Chapter 15 Options and swaps

Chapter 16 Foreign exchange markets

Chapter 17 Hedge funds and private equity

Chapter 18 Regulation of the financial sector

Chapter 19 The financial crisis


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"Essential reading for those who work in finance, those who want to work in finance, and those who want to know what people in the City are doing with their money." 

Jamie Lowry, Fund Manager, Schroders Investment Management

"For anyone wishing to work in the financial industry, this is up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of how the modern financial markets operate." 

Dr Kenjiro Hori, Lecturer in Economics / Programme Director BSc Financial Economics with Accounting, University of London 

"The Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets provides a broad yet firm understanding of financial markets. It covers a wide range of key up-to-date topics including useful economic analysis of the financial crisis. The guide uses up-to-date statistics as well as offering clear explanations on the technical aspects of banking and finance."


Dr Hui-Fai Shing, Economics Department, Royal Holloway University

How do financial markets operate? And how do movements in those financial markets impact on you and others? How can you make sense of all the different types of financial instruments into which people put their money?

Comprehensive and clear, The Financial Times Guide to the Financial Markets is the ultimate guide to the instruments, institutions and products that make up our global financial system. Using examples and case studies, Glen Arnold covers everything you need to know to gain a thorough understanding of modern finance and how the markets work. This easy to read, jargon-busting book includes:

  • An overview of how the financial industry really operates and the effects its behaviour and crises have on you
  • A comprehensive run down of the securities available and how to use them
  • Comparisons between the major financial centres of the world
  • What the future holds for the financial markets


Glen Arnold is a businessman, investor and a professor of investment at Salford University. He’s the author of numerous finance and investing books including Corporate Financial Management, The Handbook of Corporate Finance, The Financial Times Guide to Investing and The Great Investors, all published by Financial Times-Prentice Hall.