Brilliant Checklists for Entrepreneurs

Prentice Hall
Robert Ashton  
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September 2010
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Brilliant Checklists for Entrepreneurs
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The indispensible handbook that every entrepreneur needs, Brilliant Checklists for Entrepreneurs is packed with hundreds of easy to follow, detailed lists that tell you everything you need to know, everything you need to think about, and everything you need to do to when starting and managing a business.

The fast, focussed guidance in this practical and user-friendly book covers all aspects of your business journey right from thinking up your business idea, writing a plan and getting funding, and selling your business.

Table of Contents


  1. Be ambitious: set your sights at the right level
  2. Goals: making sure your enterprise fits your ethos
  3. Do research: easy ways to check your business idea
  4. Write your plan: how to make a convincing case  
  5. Get advice: find people able to help you
  6. Find the cash: how to fund start-up and growth
  7. Be profitable: ways to manage your margins
  8. Manage cash flow: keeping the business going
  9. Control costs: how to earn more by spending less
  10. Go to work: how to find premises, or work successfully at home
  11. Market yourself: understand why people buy
  12. Succeed online: make more from your website
  13. Meet people: network on and offline
  14. Get sales: how to win and keep customers
  15. Build a team: recruit and manage people
  16. Be motivating: get the best from yourself and others
  17. Avoid surprises: predict and overcome
  18. Be generous: how to help yourself by helping others
  19. Sell your business: how to realise the value
  20. Useful document templates: shortcuts for you to copy, adapt and use

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Everything you need to know to start, run and grow a successful new business.


Every one of the unique checklists in this book is fast, focused and has been written especially for busy entrepreneurs just like you. Quickly access hundreds of essential tips and tricks, discover vital insider knowledge and winning strategies, and learn absolutely everything you’ll need to know, think about and do to start and manage a successful new business.


Brilliant Outcomes

  • Access all the information you need in bite-size chunks
  • Stay on track no matter how busy you are
  • Save time by using the business templates


‘This book is full of the stuff the ‘’experts’’ never tell you – use it as your shortcut to success.’

Rowan Gormley, Naked Wines


Robert Ashton has started three small businesses and sold two. He has also been instrumental in starting a charity and recently established a social enterprise. Robert works with entrepreneurs of all kinds, advising growing businesses, evolving charities and social enterprises. He is a popular business speaker and a prolific author who also writes regularly for a number of business and consumer magazines. He is increasingly becoming a social activist, challenging convention and encouraging innovation.